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Eilhardt Mitscherlich Biography


Eilhard Mitscherlich (1794 - 1863)

Eilhard Mitscherlich (1794 - 1863)

Eilhardt Mitscherlich:

Eilhardt Mitscherlich was a German chemist.


January 7, 1794 in Neuende, duchy of Oldenburg (Germany)


August 28, 1863 in Berlin, Prussia

Claim to Fame:

Mitscherlich was a German chemist who proposed the theory of isomorphism. This theory states that chemical compounds that crystallize together have similar structure and composition. He discovered selenic acid and the mono-clinic crystal form of sulfur. He also named benzene and was the first to synthesize nitrobenzene. He was one of the first chemists to identify catalytic action and its effects on the rates of reactions.

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