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Eduard Buchner Biography


Eduard Buchner (1860 - 1917)

Eduard Buchner (1860 - 1917)

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Eduard Buchner:

Eduard Buchner was a German biochemist and Nobel laureate.


May 20, 1860 in Munich, Bavaria


August 13, 1917 in Focşani, Romania

Claim to Fame:

Buchner was a German biochemist who was awarded the 1907 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research into the process of fermentation. He found fermentation of carbohydrates occurred because of enzymes acting on yeast rather than from the yeast itself. It was previously believed the yeast cells were required to begin the fermentation process, but Buchner identified the zymase enzyme as the cause. He found it after filtering out all yeast cells before adding the sugar and discovering that fermentation still occurred.

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