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Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Butlerov Biography


Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Butlerov (1828 - 1886)

Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Butlerov (1828 - 1886)

Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Butlerov:

Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Butlerov was a Russian chemist.


September 15, 1828 in Chistopol, Russia


August 17, 1886 in Butlerovka, Russia

Claim to Fame:

Butlerov was a Russian chemist who first stated the importance of a chemical's structure. He stated that a chemical's nature was determined not only by it's components but the arrangement of the components. He was also the first to recognize double bonds in chemical structures. Butlerov discovered formaldehyde and the formose reaction where sugars are formed from formaldehyde.

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