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Fake Blood Recipes

There are several ways to make fake blood for Halloween or for stage productions. Choose from recipes for realistic-looking blood, edible blood, and colored blood, such as blue, green, and glowing blood.

Best Fake Blood Recipes
Make your own fake blood or stage blood. Here are recipes for realistic fake blood; blue, green or yellow fake blood, fake blood that glows in the dark, and even fake blood with guts.

Bleeding Knife Chemistry Trick
This cool chemistry trick is perfect for Halloween! Trace a knife over your skin and leave a message that appears to be written in blood.

Fake Blue or Green Blood
This is a recipe for an edible fake blood which you can color blue or green for insects, spiders, and other arthropods, or perhaps for aliens.

Fake Blood
This fake blood recipe results in a non-toxic, realistic stage blood. The blood is safe to use on the skin, but it is not edible, so it is not intended for use in the mouth.

Edible Fake Blood Recipes
There are lots of ways to make safe fake blood for Halloween, parties, or theater productions. Some recipes are good enough to eat! Here's a look...

Glow in the Dark Blood
You can make glow in the dark blood for a Halloween costume or just because you want to decorate yourself with glowing blood. Here are several...

Fake Flesh Recipe
Use common kitchen ingredients to make non-toxic fake flesh or organs for Halloween or theater performances.

Realistic Stage Blood
You can make realistic non-toxic stage blood using common kitchen ingredients. This blood is thick enough to drip convincingly.

Realistic Fake Blood
If you want a realistic fake blood, you're going to have to do better than dyed water! Here's a recipe for a realistic fake blood that pools like the real deal and has a better blood color.

Blood and Guts Halloween Recipe
Mix up a batch of fake blood and guts for a haunted house, Halloween decoration, or as part of a creepy costume. This recipe is non-toxic and easy to make.

Edible Glowing Blood Slime
How about a non-sticky blood for Halloween? Here are instructions for a non-sticky slime that looks like dripping blood. It's edible (decent-tasting too), plus it glows under a black light.

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