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Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

About Industrial and Engineering Chemistry


What Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Is

Industrial and engineering chemistry is a branch of applied chemistry and chemical engineering that focuses on two areas:
  • chemical technology
  • chemical and process engineering

Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Career

If you're thinking of a career in industrial and engineering chemistry, be prepared for college and post-graduate education. You'll be looking at a masters degree in applied chemistry or engineering. Expect the curriculum to focus on green chemistry, process engineering, and the technology of chemicals and special materials. You'll acquire skills in communication, practical problem solving and creativity. Courses you would take might include:
  • mathematics
  • physics
  • general chemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • inorganic chemistry
  • analytical chemistry
  • physical chemistry
  • technical drawing
  • computer science
  • fluid mechanics
  • transport phenomena
  • industrial equipment
  • unit operations
  • process thermodynamics
  • biotechnology
  • industrial catalysis
  • process dynamics and control
  • electrical engineering
  • chemical reactors and reactor engineering
  • economics
  • separation processes
  • membrane technology
  • polymer chemistry
  • sol-gels
  • process safety
  • waste management

Scientific Journal

There is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published bi-monthly by the American Chemical Society pertaining to this discipline. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.) has been published since 1970. From 1909 to 1970 this journal was called Industrial & Engineering Chemistry.

Topics covered by Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research include:

Fundamental Research

  • catalysis
  • chemical reaction kinetics and engineering
  • interface phenomena
  • materials
  • separations
  • thermodynamics
  • transport phenomena
Process Design and Development
  • data correlation methods
  • design methods
  • modeling
  • process control
  • scale-up procedures
  • synthesis methods
  • systems analysis
Chemical and Engineering Aspects of R&D of Products
  • aerosols
  • adhesives
  • catalysts
  • ceramics
  • coatings
  • elastomers
  • fibers
  • lubricants
  • membranes
  • paper
  • plastics

Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Society

There is a Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry or KSIEC.

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