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Science Fair Sites Elsewhere on the Web

Here's a collection of the best-of-the-best sites and pages covering science fair projects.

Science Fair Project Idea List - All Science Subjects
These science fair project ideas provide information and questions you can develop into a science fair project. Bookmark this page or check back regularly, since new ideas are added. You may submit an idea for a science fair project to be included in the list.

List of Science Fairs
Here's a list of all the science fairs in the world that have webpages.

Hunkin's Experiments
These experiments are presented as cool cartoons. Choose from experiments dealing with food, math, biology, electricity, the office, sound, hobbies, science, clothes, light, objects, materials, miscellaneous, or waterclocks. What a selection!

K-12 Science Ed. Resources
This site includes an index of shortcuts to other sections, list of link collections, and list of other useful sites. There are discussion groups, demonstration sites, science projects, 'ask a scientist' sites, science education sites, and more.

Science Fair Center
This site offers general science fair project ideas, ideas grouped according to subject, middle school science projects, and high school science projects.

Spark, Bang, Buzz and Other Good Stuff
This site describes some scientific and technical projects. In addition to other projects, there are ones involving explosions, magnetism, refrigerants, and electricity.

The Adventures of Science Bob
Science Bob has more than just experiments. He also hosts 'Ask Bob' and has a teacher's section and links.

The Ultimate Science Fair Resource
This site offers science fair project ideas, information, help, and links.

The WWW Virtual Library : Science Fairs
This Library page attempts to provide a single comprehensive list of every science fair website on the World Wide Web. Note that the page is for actual science fairs, not project ideas.

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