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Element Photos Needed for the Gallery

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Bismuth is a crystalline white metal, with a pink tinge.

Bismuth is a crystalline white metal, with a pink tinge. The iridescent color of this bismuth crystal is the result of a thin oxide layer on its surface.

Dschwen, wikipedia.org
The chemical element photo gallery is a great way for students and anyone else to see what the elements really look like. However, I was unable to find images of all the elements. Some are radioactive and possibly never photographed, but other elements on the list may be something you have seen.
  • polonium
  • radon
  • francium (better photo needed)
  • rutherfordium
  • dubnium
  • seaborgium
  • hassium
  • promethium (better photo needed)
  • protactinium (better photo needed)
  • curium (better photo needed)
  • berkelium (better photo needed)
  • californium (better photo needed)
  • einsteinium (better photo needed)
  • fermium
  • mendelevium
  • nobelium
  • lawrencium
In addition to elements with no photos, any help finding better images of the rare earths would be greatly appreciated.

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