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The nonmetals are located on the upper right side of the periodic table. Nonmetals are separated from metals by a line that cuts diagonally through the region of the periodic table containing elements with partially filled p orbitals. Technically the halogens and noble gases are nonmetals, but the nonmetal element group usually is considered to consist of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, and selenium.


Nonmetals have high ionization energies and electronegativities. They are generally poor conductors of heat and electricity. Solid nonmetals are generally brittle, with little or no metallic luster. Most nonmetals have the ability to gain electrons easily. Nonmetals display a wide range of chemical properties and reactivities.

Summary of Common Properties

  • High ionization energies
  • High electronegativities
  • Poor thermal conductors
  • Poor electrical conductors
  • Brittle solids
  • Little or no metallic luster
  • Gain electrons easily
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NGC 604, a region of ionized hydrogen in the Triangulum Galaxy.HydrogenThis is a vial containing ultrapure hydrogen gas.Hydrogen GlowPhotograph of graphite, one of the forms of elemental carbon.Graphite CarbonThese are fullerene crystals of carbon. Each crystal unit consists of 60 carbon atoms.Fullerene Crystals - Carbon Crystals
This is an AGS ideal cut diamond from Russia (Sergio Fleuri).Diamond - CarbonThis is the glow given off by ionized nitrogen in a gas discharge tube.Nitrogen GlowThis is a photo of liquid nitrogen being poured from a dewar.Liquid NitrogenImage of solid, liquid, and gaseous nitrogen.Nitrogen
Liquid oxygen is blue.Liquid OxygenThis photo shows the emission of oxygen in a gas discharge tube.Oxygen GlowPure phosphorus exists in several forms called allotropes.Phosphorus AllotropesElemental sulfur melts from a yellow solid into a blood-red liquid. It burns with a blue flame.Sulfur
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