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Noble Gas Photo Gallery

Images of the Noble Gases


The noble gases, also known as the inert gases, are located in Group VIII of the periodic table. Group VIII is sometimes called Group O. The noble gases are helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon, and ununoctium.

Noble Gas Properties

The noble gases are relatively nonreactive. This is because they have a complete valence shell. They have little tendency to gain or lose electrons. The noble gases have high ionization energies and negligible electronegativities. The noble gases have low boiling points and are all gases at room temperature.

Summary of Common Properties

  • Fairly nonreactive
  • Complete valence shell
  • High ionization energies
  • Very low electronegativities
  • Low boiling points (all gases at room temperature)
Images 1-10 of 10
A helium filled discharge tube shaped like the element's atomic symbol.HeliumThis is a glowing vial of ionized helium.HeliumThis neon filled discharge tube displays the element's characteristic reddish-orange emission.NeonThis is a photo of a glowing discharge tube filled with neon.Neon Photo
Argon is the current carrier in this discharge tube, while mercury is what produces the glow.ArgonThis is a piece of argon ice.Argon IceThis is the glow of pure argon in a gas discharge tube.Argon GlowGaseous krypton is colorless, while solid krypton is white.Krypton
Xenon is a colorless gas, but it emits a blue glow when excited by an electrical discharge.XenonThis is not radon, but radon looks like this.\Radon Gas
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