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Alkaline Earth Metals

Properties of Element Groups


Magnesium is one of the alkaline earth metals.

Magnesium is one of the alkaline earth metals.

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Location on the Periodic Table

The alkaline earths are the elements located in Group IIA of the periodic table.


The alkaline earths possess many of the characteristic properties of metals. Alkaline earths have low electron affinities and low electronegativities. As with the alkali metals, the properties depend on the ease with which electrons are lost. The alkaline earths have two electrons in the outer shell. They have smaller atomic radii than the alkali metals. The two valence electrons are not tightly bound to the nucleus, so the alkaline earths readily lose the electrons to form divalent cations.

Summary of Common Properties


  • Two electrons in the outer shell
  • Low electron affinities
  • Low electronegativities
  • Readily form divalent cations.
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