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Ununoctium Facts - Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements

Chemical & Physical Properties


Ununoctium would be a radioactive man-made element.

Ununoctium would be a radioactive man-made element.

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Periodic Table of the Elements

Ununoctium (eka-radon)

Symbol: Uuo

Atomic Number: 118

Phase: probably a gas

Element Classification: Possibly a semiconducting nobel gas. Ununoctium is expected to be more reactive than radon.

Name Origin: Un (one) un (one) oct (eight)

Discovery: October 9, 2006, researchers at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia, announced they had indirectly detected a ununoctium-294 from collisions of californium-249 atoms and calcium-48 ions.

Electron Configuration: [Rn] 5f14 6d10 7s2 7p6 (based on radon)

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