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Get an education in chemistry or chemical engineering and use this collection of resources to develop your career. Schools, online courses, professional organizations & societies, journals, employment opportunities, salary surveys, internships, and summer jobs are listed here.
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Chemist Profile
Take a look at what a chemist is, what a chemist does, and what type of salary and career opportunities you can expect as a chemist.

Chemical Engineer Profile
This is a job profile and career information for a chemical engineer.

Organic Chemist
This is an organic chemist job profile. Learn about what organic chemists do, where organic chemists work, the type of person who enjoys organic chemistry and what it takes to become an organic chemist.

What Are Some Careers in Chemistry?
Chemistry isn't just for chemists! Here's a nice long list of chemistry-related careers, along with a discussion on how your degree impacts your employment options.

Chemistry Major Courses
Are you interested in studying chemistry in college? Here is a look at the courses you can expect to take if you have a chemistry major. The specific courses you take will depend on which school you attend, but in general you can expect a heavy emphasis on chemistry and math.

Working as a Chemist
Are you a chemist? What would you tell someone interested in becoming a chemist about your job?

Chemist Salary Profile
This is a look at the average salary of a chemist in the United States. Values are given the Chemist I salary and also for chemist salaries based on experience.

What Is the Hardest Chemistry Class?
Most students agree studying chemistry isn't a walk in the park, but which course is the hardest? Here's a look at difficult chemistry courses and why you might want to take them.

Chemical Engineering Salary
Chemical engineering is one of the highest paying degrees for entry level jobs, with even higher payscales for experienced chemical engineers. Here's a look at typical salary ranges for chemical engineers.

How I Became a Chemist
Are you a chemist or thinking about becoming one? If you are interested in becoming a chemist, reading about how others have done it is a great way to start. If you're already a chemist, why not share your experiences with others?See submissions

Chemical Engineering Courses
Are you interested in studying chemical engineering? Here's a look at some of the courses chemical engineering students are expected to take in college.

Chemical Engineering Jobs
Are you interested in what types of jobs you could get with a degree in chemical engineering? Here are some employment options you could get with a bachelors or masters college degree in chemical engineering.

Working as a Chemical Engineer
Are you a chemical engineer? What would you tell someone interested in becoming a chemical engineer about your job?

How I Became a Scientist
Are you a scientist or thinking about becoming one? If you are interested in becoming a scientist, reading about how others have done it is a great way to start. If you're already a scientist, why not share your experiences with others?

What Is Chemical Engineering? What Do Chemical Engineers Do?
Are you confused about how chemical engineering differs from pure chemistry or other types of engineering? Here's an explanation of what chemical engineering is and what chemical engineers do.

What Is the Difference Between a Scientist and an Engineer?
Scientist versus engineer: are they the same? Different? Here's a look at the definitions of scientist and engineer and the difference between a scientist and engineer.

Why You Should Get Your Doctoral Degree
If you are studying chemistry or another science, will you stop with a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degree? Read about the advantages to getting a Ph.D.

Difference Between a Scientist and Engineer
How would you describe the difference between a scientist and an engineer?

High School Classes to Take to Study Science in College
Take a look at what high school courses are needed to prepare you to pursue a chemistry degree in college.

Working from Home in Science
Are you interested in working from home in chemistry or another science? Here are some career options for you and some advice on how to make the transition between a traditional job and a work from home position.

Medical School Interviews
From your About Guide. Knowing what to expect in a medical school interview is a key to success. This article focuses on dressing for success and provides valuable tips for after the interview. Links to interview databases and common interview questions/answers are included.

Chemistry Journals and Magazines
This is an alphabetical list of chemistry journals and related scientific journals and magazines.

What Is the IUPAC and What Does It Do?
Find out what the IUPAC is and learn a little about about what the IUPAC does.

You May Be a Chemist If...
Is it possible to tell you are a chemist just from the way you look or the things you do? If you have a characteristic that identifies you as a chemist, share it!

Top Reasons Why Students Fail Chemistry
Worried about failing chemistry? Here's a look at the main reasons why students fail. Avoiding these common problems could be a key to science class success!

Element of the Week E-Course
Learn about the elements! When you sign up you'll get one e-course newsletter a week until you've gotten them all. You'll get facts about the elements and related information about element uses and their impact on our lives.

AMCAS Application for Medical School
Get information about the AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) application for medical school. Tips are included to help you make your application the best it can be!

Applying to Medical School - What to Do if You're Rejected
Most applicants to medical school don't get accepted! Make plans for this possibility. Here is advice on what to do if your application is rejected, with concrete steps to improve your application for the next year.

Getting into Medical School - Clinical Experience
This article explains what clinical experience is, why you need it before applying to medical school, as well as when and how to get it. Links to further information and opportunities are also provided.

How to Prepare for the MCAT
The Medical College Admission Test is a required part of the application to US medical schools and certain other professional schools. The exam covers general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physics, verbal reasoning, and writing. Here are tips to help you prepare for the big test day!

Reference Books Every Chemist Should Own
There are some reference books I reach for again and again. If your personal library doesn't include these books, maybe it's time to add them.

SAT Chemistry
Get information about the SAT Chemistry subject test. Find out what the SAT Chemistry Test is, what the SAT Chemistry Test covers, and details about taking the test.

Chemistry Finals
Get help passing your chemistry finals with these final exam study tips and chemistry help.

Equilibrium Constant Script
Equilibrium Constant Script

Glassware Word Search
Glassware Word Search

Glassware Word Search Solution
Glassware Word Search Solution

All Nighter Tips and Tricks
Do you have to stay up all night for an assignment, work or a cram session? Share your tips and tricks for staying up all night and being productive or read the advice offered by other readers.

Reader Responses - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Your thoughts and opinions matter! Here are some places you can share your opinions and ideas relating to chemistry, chemical engineering and other science.

How Many Years of School Does It Take To Become a Chemist?
Chemists study matter and energy and reactions between them. You'll need advanced courses to become a chemist. Here's a look at how many years of school you'll need.

Chemistry Versus Chemical Engineering
Chemistry and chemical engineering are two broad disciplines that share a lot in common, yet are quite different in terms of degree requirements and career paths. If you are a chemist or chemical engineer or are studying to become one, what do you tell people to explain how these two areas differ?

What Is the Difference Between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering?
Learn about the differences between chemistry and chemical engineering in terms of degree requirements, careers, job outlook, and profitability.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Chemistry?
Learn about the exciting careers options available with a chemistry degree.

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