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When Is Earth Week?


Earth Week is an extended observation of Earth Day.

Earth Week is an extended observation of Earth Day that is held during the week which includes Earth Day.

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Question: When Is Earth Week?
Earth Week is an entire week devoted to finding green solutions to environmental concerns. Here is a look at when Earth Week is celebrated and why the dates may be confusing.
Answer: The dates for Earth Week are determined by Earth Day. Earth Week typically is the week that includes Earth Day, running from Sunday through Saturday of that week. The exception is when Earth Day falls on a Sunday. For example, in the year 2012, Earth Day is April 22, which is a Sunday. In this case, Earth Week runs from Monday to Sunday so that the week culminates in an Earth Day celebration on the final day.

Of course, what matters is not when you celebrate Earth Week, but that you celebrate Earth Week! Some countries turn this into a month-long celebration, so there is Earth Month rather than just Earth Day or Earth Week.

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