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Drug Paraphernalia

Pictures of Drug Paraphernalia


Would you know drug paraphernalia if you saw it? This is a collection of photos of drug paraphernalia. Drug paraphernalia is any object that is designed to use, make, or conceal illegal drugs.
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Syringes are used for injectable drugs.SyringeThis is a selection of bongs and water pipes 'for tobacco use only' for sale in Manhattan.Bongs and Water PipesThese are foil wrappers that were used to hold PCP.PCP Foil WrappersA bong or water pipe is a device that is used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, or other substances.Bong
This is an example of a meth pipe.Meth PipeMarijuana may be grown indoors using a hydroponic setup and fluorescent lighting.Marijuana Indoor SetupThis is a photo of marijuana being grown indoors under fluorescent lights.Marijuana PlantsA hemostat is a tool which resembles a pair of needle nose pliers with a locking clamp.Roach Clip
This type of analytical balance is called a Mettler balance.Analytical BalanceHere's an example of a bong or water pipe.Bong PictureGlass vials are also known as phials. These glass vials have rubber stoppers and metal caps.VialsAn Erlenmeyer flask is a type of laboratory flask with a conical base and cylindrical neck.Erlenmeyer Flask

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