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Chemistry Glossaries & Dictionaries

Find chemistry and chemical engineering glossaries, dictionaries, terminology, acronyms, and more.
  1. Chemistry Glossary (3088)
  2. Chemistry Terminology (55)
  3. Engineering Glossary

Chemistry Glossary & Dictionary
Look up the definitions of chemistry terms in this alphabetical chemistry dictionary or glossary.

Engineering Glossary
Look up engineering definitions and acronyms with this engineering glossary and dictionary.

Organic Chemistry Glossary
This is an organic chemistry glossary. Look up definitions of common and important organic chemistry terms.

Chemistry Vocabulary Quiz #2
Test how well you know basic chemistry vocabulary words with this fun multiple choice quiz.

Stereochemistry Vocabulary
Stereochemistry is an important chemistry discipline that deals with three-dimensional structures of molecules. Here is a handy reference guide of the vocabulary terms and definitions you'll encounter in stereochemistry.

Acronyms and Abbreviations of Chemical Compound Names
Type in an acronym or abbrevation to get the chemistry term. This searchable database is sponsored by Chemie.DE Information Service.

All About Jewels
This is an illustrated dictionary of jewelry, but it is a great reference for quick information about gemstones, metals, and minerals.

Beilstein Dictionary
This is an English and German dictionary for users of the Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry.

Compressed Air Glossary of Terms
Chemistry terms applicable to compressed air systems. From Impact RM.

Constants, Units, and Uncertainties
Fundamental physical constants from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Deciphering Precious Metal Quality Marks
Fu T'sang Treasures presents this page, which lists and defines quality marks for precious metals. Gold, silver, vermeil, platinum, and palladium are included.

Dictionary of Units
Système International history, units, definitions, and prefixes.

Gases and Definitions to Gaseous Processes
Glossary from C.F.C. Reclamation & Recycling Service.

Glossary of Misunderstood Physics Terms
Applicable to chemistry situations, as well. From Donald E. Simanek, Lock Haven University.

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
Naming conventions and proper terminology. Also, see the IUPAC Nomenclature Web version.

Laws List
Laws, rules, and principles in physics.

Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
Search for chemical terms with medical relevancy.

Definition of Nano
This is the definition of nano.

Definition of Deca
This is the definition of deca.

Definition of Alpha Radiation
This is the definition of alpha radiation.

Definition of Radioactivity
This is the definition of radioactivity.

Gold Definition
This is the definition of gold.

Liquefaction Definition
This is the definition of liquefaction.

Ultra High Frequency Definition
This is the definition of ultra high frequency.

Dysprosium Definition
This is the definition of dysprosium.

Smectic Definition
This is the definition of smectic.

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