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Most Popular Projects

Green fire is easy to make and doesn't require any hard-to-find chemicals.

Try some of the most popular science projects featured at About's Chemistry site. Most of these project use materials commonly found at home.

Most Popular Chemistry Demos

The oscillating clock reaction runs from blue to yellow and back to blue.

These are the most popular demonstrations for chemistry class or chem lab.

Demonstrations & Experiments

Chemistry experiments can be educational and fun.

Chemistry is fun! Perform your own chemistry demonstrations, laboratory exercises, projects, and experiments. Set up your own home laboratory to learn chemistry safely for fun or home schooling.

Science Magic Tricks

In the burning money demonstration, paper currency is on fire yet is not consumed by the flames.

A lot of what appears to be magic is really science. Here are some fun science magic trick for you. You can explain the science behind the tricks and use them as demonstrations.

Slime Recipes

Slime is easy and fun to make.

Learn to make different types of slime, gak, gunk, putty, floam, and ooze.


Adding baking soda causes the volcano to erupt.

What's chemistry without chemical volcanoes? There are several ways you can use chemical reactions to produce a simulated eruption.

Glow in the Dark Projects

This test tube has been filled with a glow in the dark liquid.

You can use chemistry to cause chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and phosphorescence to make your projects glow in the dark.

Make Your Own Chemicals

Chemistry Lab

Sometimes it's easier, more convenient, or more fun to make the chemicals you use.

Chemistry Projects for Kids

Making slime is educational and fun.

Try chemistry demonstrations, crafts, and projects that are suitable for kids. Some activities require adult supervision.

Most Popular Crystal Growing Projects

Borax crystals are safe and easy to grow.

These crystal growing projects are reader favorites.


A soap bubble consists of a thin layer of water trapped between two layers of soap molecules.

Bubbles are a lot of fun to play with, plus there is a ton of science behind them! Here are some bubble projects you can try that introduce you to how bubbles form, how they interact, and how you can change some of their properties.

Fire Projects

This Halloween jack-o-lantern is filled with green fire.

Learn about fire and combustion chemistry with these exciting projects.

Science Fair Projects

Student science fair projects can make a difference.

Make this your one-stop center for all of your science fair project needs. You'll find step-by-step instructions for designing and performing an experiment or demonstration and lots of project ideas.

Summer Science Projects

Sparklers are a type of firework that produces a shower of glittery sparks, but does not explode.

Here are some fun chemistry projects that are perfect for summer. Make fireworks for the 4th of July, keep away pesky summer bugs, add a bit of color to your campfire. Enjoy the season!

Valentine's Day Science Projects

Valentine's Day Gifts

Find a science project that is perfect for Valentine's Day! You can perform a color change reaction, make a chemical "beating heart", prepare a special Valentine gift, and more.

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