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Crystals for Beginners

Some crystals are easy to grow. Other crystals require some experience. This is a collection of crystal growing projects that are great for beginners or anyone looking for simple, reliable results.

Best Crystals for Beginners
Are you interested in growing crystals, but unsure where to start? This is a list of the best crystal growing projects for beginners or anyone seeking top crystals projects based on simplicity, safety, and great results.

Easy Crystal Growing Recipes
Growing crystals does not have to be complicated! This is a collection of easy crystal growing recipes.

Baking Soda Stalactites and Stalagmites
Make your own stalagmites and stalactites using baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. It's an easy, non-toxic crystal project.

Borax Crystal Heart
Grow borax crystals overnight to make a beautiful sparkling crystal heart. Use the borax crystal heart as a decoration or simply grow it as a fun crystal project.

Borax Crystal Star
Grow borax crystals around a star shape to produce a crystal star that may be used as an ornament or decoration.

Crystal Frost Window Paint
Grow non-toxic crystals on your window that look like frost. These easy crystals grow in a few minutes and give you the effect of frost.

Cup of Quick Crystal Needles
Grow a cupful of epsom salt crystal needles in your refrigerator. It's quick, easy, and safe.

Epsom Salt Crystals
Epsom salt crystals are easy to grow and form quickly. Here's what you need to know to make your own magnesium sulfate crystals.

Big Alum Crystal
Do you want to grow a big single crystal instead of a mass of crystals? Then try out these instructions for growing a big alum crystal. You can apply the techniques used here to grow big single crystals of other substances, too.

Borax Snowflake
Do real snowflakes melt too quickly? Grow a borax snowflake, color it blue if you like, and enjoy the sparkle all year long!

Borax Crystal Snowflakes Video
Learn how to grow borax crystal snowflakes - overnight! The crystal snowflakes make great ornaments and are safe and easy to grow. You'll even learn how to make colored snowflake crystals in this video.

Easy Crystals to Grow
Are you looking for an easy, safe, reliable crystal-growing project? These alum crystals may be the easiest crystals you can grow.

Glow in the Dark Alum Crystals
Alum crystals are among the quickest, easiest, and most reliable crystals you can grow. Did you know you can make them glow in the dark by adding a common household ingredient to the crystal growing solution?

Magic Crystal Christmas Tree
A magic crystal Christmas tree is an easy crystal project you can do for the holidays.

Maple Syrup Crystals
Making maple syrup crystals is a fun project for children. It's great for adults, too, since the maple syrup crystals may be used in place of sugar as a pretty addition to drinks or other treats. Here's how to make the crystals.

NSI Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kit
The Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kits allow you to grow beautiful crystals quickly and safely. Each kit contains everything you need, except water, to make jewel-bright crystals that resemble natural mineral clusters.

Patio Table Crystals
Turn the surface of your glass patio table into a safe place for kids to explore crystals. Here's an easy crystal project you can do on any warm, sunny day using ingredients from your kitchen.

Potassium Alum Crystals
Potassium alum or potash alum crystals grow very quickly and easily. If you color the crystals red you can get beautiful 'ruby' crystals. Here's what you do.

Rock Candy Instructions
Rock candy is candy made by crystallizing sugar. You can grow sugar crystals yourself, plus add color and flavor to make rock candy that you can eat.

Salt and Vinegar Crystals
Salt and vinegar crystals are easy-to-grow non-toxic crystals that you can grow in a rainbow of colors. This crystal growing project is especially good for kids or beginners looking for quick and easy crystals.

Salt Crystal Rings and Ferns
This is one of the quickest and easiest crystal growing projects there is! All you need is a bit of salt, water, a steel pan, and a stove to produce salt crystal rings, ferns, and other shapes.

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