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Crystal Growing Videos

See How to Grow Crystals


These videos show you how to grow your own crystals. See how to make a crystal growing solution and watch time lapse videos of crystal growth.

1. Blue Copper Sulfate Crystal Video

Blue crystals of copper sulfate or copper sulphate.
Anne Helmenstine
Copper sulfate crystals are blue and diamond-shaped. See how to grow copper sulfate crystals from a chemical you can find in a building supply store.

2. Borax Crystal Snowflake Video

Borax crystals are safe and easy to grow.
Anne Helmenstine
Borax crystals can be grown around any shape. This video shows you how to make a borax crystal snowflake, which you can use as a decoration.

3. Hot Ice Crystal Video

These are crystals of sodium acetate or hot ice.
Anne Helmenstine
Hot ice is another name for sodium acetate. Crystals of sodium acetate form when you touch a saturated solution of the chemical, causing it to form what looks like an ice cube. However, the reaction gives off heat, which is why it's called 'hot' ice. See how to make hot ice using two kitchen ingredients.

4. Sugar Crystals or Rock Candy Video

Rock candy consists of sugar crystals.
Anne Helmenstine
Rock candy is another name for sugar crystals, which are crystals of sucrose. This video shows how to grow your own rock candy. You can color and flavor it, if you'd like to eat it!

5. Alum Crystals Video

Alum crystals can be found in a few different shapes. This is an alum crystal pyramid.
Anne Helmenstine
Alum is a kitchen ingredient. This video shows you how to make alum crystals, which are large crystals that can form prism and pyramid shapes.

6. Salt Crystal Garden Video

This is a salt crystal garden made using ammonia, salt and laundry bluing.
Anne Helmenstine
Mix together three ingredients to make this classic crystal garden. This video includes time lapse of the salt crystal growth.

7. Alum Crystals Time Lapse Video

Alum crystals are popular crystals to grow.
Todd Helmenstine
See what to expect from alum crystals. Watch time lapse footage that show the growth of alum crystals for several hours.

8. Copper Sulfate Crystal Time Lapse Video

These are copper sulfate crystals growing on a plate.
Todd Helmenstine
This time lapse video shows the growth of copper sulfate videos over the course of several hours. The copper sulfate crystals were grown using a chemical purchased at a home supply store.

9. Borax Crystals

Borax crystals may be grown on any shape, such as this borax crystal snowflake.
Anne Helmenstine
Borax crystals may be grown around any shape. This video shows how make a snowflake shape from pipecleaners to grow a borax crystal snowflake.

10. Growing Copper Sulfate Crystals

Copper Sulfate Crystals
Stephanb, wikipedia.org
See how to located copper sulfate in a household product so you can prepare a crystal growing solution and grow copper sulfate crystals at home.

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