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Colored Fire

How to Make Colored Fire


These are instructions for making colored fire in all the colors of the rainbow. I also have a video of a colored fire rainbow, so you can see the effect of using multiple colorants.

Blue Fire

This is a photo of blue fire.
Lawrence Lawry, Getty Images

Blue fire can be produced by burning a fuel which produces a blue flame or by heating a chemical that produces blue fire, such as copper chloride.

Green Fire

Green fire is easy to make and doesn't require any hard-to-find chemicals.
Anne Helmenstine
Green fire is one of the easiest colors of fire to produce. Both written and video instructions are available.

Yellow Fire

Flame Test - Sodium Carbonate
Søren Wedel Nielsen

Yellow fire is a natural color for most fires, but it's very simple to change the color of a blue or colorless flame to yellow.

Orange Fire

Orange fire may be produced using calcium compounds.
Stockbyte, Getty Images

You can create orange fire using a chemical you likely already have at home.

Red Fire

The red color of this fire comes from the emission spectrum of strontium nitrate.
Anne Helmenstine

Red fire is produced by strontium salts, which can be found in road flares, among other places. This fire color is very bright.

Purple Fire

It's easy to make violet fire. Just ignite a mixture of salt substitute and methanol.
Anne Helmenstine

Purple fire is easy to make using non-toxic potassium compounds. Violet or purple is a flame color that is easily overpowered by other colors, so if you want a purple fire it is best to use a blue-burning fuel for your fire, such as an alcohol.

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