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Colored Fire

Make your own rainbow of colored fire and learn about emission spectra of chemical compounds.

How To Color Fire
Have you ever wanted to color fire? Here are simple, nontechnical instructions for making your own colored flames. Add extra interest to your fireplace or campfire!

Colored Fire Rainbow
These are instructions for making colored fire in all the colors of the rainbow.

Flame Tests
A flame test is an easy experimental technique used to help identify a metal or ionic salt based on its emission spectrum when it is heated in a gas flame. Here's how to perfom a flame test and interpret the results of the test.

Green Fire Projects
This is a collection of projects that involve green fire or flames.

Rainbow of Colored Flames
The rainbow of colored flames is an easy and spectacular fire project. Learn how to color flames with common household chemicals to make a rainbow of colored fire.

Colored Fire Photo Gallery
This is a photo gallery of colored fire and colored flame pictures.

Colored Fire Pinecones
How can you make your fire more festive? Toss on a few colored fire pinecones! Colored fire pinecones are extremely easy to make. All you need is one common household chemical.

Colored Fire Pinecones Video
All it takes is one common chemical to make pinecones burn with a multi-colored flame. The colored fire pinecones can be added to a campfire or a wood-burning fireplace to add interest to your flames.

Colored Fireworks Rainbow Demonstration
Make a colored fireworks rainbow. Burn the same chemicals used to color fireworks, in a row to produce a rainbow effect.

Qualitative Analysis - Bead Tests
The borax, microcosmic salt, or sodium carbonate bead test may be used to help identify unknown metals. Learn how to perform and interpret the results of this handy analytical test.

Colored Fire Spray Bottles
You can spritz a flame with chemicals to change the color of the fire. Colored fire spray bottles are easy to prepare and use common chemicals.

Blue Fire Instructions
It's very easy to make blue fire. Here are a few of the ways you can make blue fire yourself.

Green Fire Whirlwind
It's easy to make your own tabletop fire whirlwind or twister. You can make the fire any color, like green!

Green Fire Halloween Jack-o-Lantern
A Halloween jack-o-lantern filled with green fire is much more impressive than one lit with the usual candle. Here's how to produce this easy effect yourself.

Green Fire Instructions
It's easy to make brilliant green fire. This cool chemistry project only takes two household chemicals.

Green Flames
It's easy to create green flames using copper sulfate, which you can find in common household products.

Orange Fire
If ordinary fire just doesn't do it for you, why not kick it up a notch by making it into orange fire? It's easy to make orange flames. Here's what you do.

Violet Fire
It's very simple to make violet or purple fire. All you need are two easy-to-find ingredients.

Red Fire Instructions
Red fire is easy to produce. This is a classic color for sparklers and fireworks as well as holiday parties. It would also be a cheery coloration for a campfire or fireplace.

Yellow Fire
Most flames from candles or wood burning fire are yellow, but you can color a blue flame so that it will become yellow. Here's what you do.

Barking Dog Reaction
The Barking Dog chemistry demonstration is based on an exothermic reaction between nitrous or nitric oxide and carbon disulfide. Ignition of the mixture results in a bright blue chemiluminescent flash accompanied by a characteristic barking sound.

Green Fire Video
See how to make green fire using common chemicals. You can apply the same method to produce fire in other colors using different metal salts.

Rainbow Fire
It's easy to turn an ordinary flame into a rainbow-colored flame.

Purple Fire
Make purple fire yourself using common ingredients.

Les Cocottes de Feu Colorées
les cocottes de feu colorées

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