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Holiday Ornaments

Make Holiday Ornaments Using Chemistry


Make holiday ornaments using chemistry. The ornaments include crystal snowflakes, silver glass balls, copper plated decorations, atom ornaments, and more.

Silver Ornaments

This silver ornament was made by chemically silvering the inside of a glass ball.
Anne Helmenstine
Use a chemical reaction to put a silver mirror coating inside a glass ornament. This is the method used to chemically silver mirrors. It results in a beautiful keepsake silver ornament.

Borax Crystal Snowflake

Blue Borax Crystal Snowflake
Anne Helmenstine
You can grow the crystals for this sparkling ornament in a few hours or overnight. Make lovely snowflakes that won't melt!

Paper Atom Decorations

Paper Atom
Anne Helmenstine
These paper atoms are like paper snowflakes, except atomic-looking! Make and hang them anywhere, anytime. They look great for the winter holidays.

Crystal Holiday Stocking

Soak a holiday stocking in crystal solution to make a glittery crystal decoration or ornament.
Anne Helmenstine
This is another holiday crystal growing project that only takes a few hours to complete. Coat a Christmas stocking or other porous decoration with tiny glistening crystals made from a common household ingredient.

Copper Plated Holiday Ornament

Metal Star Ornament
Andrea Church, www.morguefile.com
Use a redox reaction to plate copper over galvanized wire or a galvanized shape (e.g., a star) to make a shiny copper holiday ornament.

Glow in the Dark Crystal Ornament

Glowing Crystal Snowflake
Anne Helmenstine
This crystal decoration is shown in a snowflake shape, but you can make it in any design you like. Grow crystals around a shape, but include an extra ingredient so your crystals will glow in the dark.

Borax Crystal Heart

Grow borax crystals over a pipecleaner heart for these easy crystal heart decorations.
Anne Helmenstine
You can grow borax crystals over a heart shape just as easily as over a snowflake shape! Make a sparkling crystal heart for your holiday.

Crystal Paper Snowflakes

Grow crystals on paper snowflakes to make magical snowflake decorations.
Anne Helmenstine
Cut paper snowflakes from coffee filters to use as a base for crystals. This is a crystallized twist on the classic paper snowflake project that produces amazing shimmering decorations.

Crystal Star Decoration

You can grow borax crystals on a star shape to form borax crystal stars.
Anne Helmenstine
This is another easy crystal decoration that you can grow overnight. If you grow the crystal around a glittery or metallic pipecleaner, you'll get a twinkling star. You can get a different interesting crystallized effect if you grow clear crystals around a colored core.

Crystal Starfish

Sea Star
You can use a small dry starfish or a shell as the base for your crystals. Starfish produce very sparkly decorations or holiday ornaments. It's an easy project that you can complete overnight.

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