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Christmas Chemistry

Find facts and projects relating to Christmas chemistry. Make Christmas tree preservative, poinsettia pH paper, copper-plated holiday ornaments, peppermint creme wafers, silver polish, fake snow, and crystal snowflakes.
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Christmas Chemistry
Are you looking for a way to add some chemistry to the Christmas holiday? Here's a collection of Christmas chemistry projects and a look at topics relating to Christmas and other winter holidays.

Holiday Ornaments
Make holiday ornaments using chemistry. The ornaments include crystal snowflakes, silver glass balls, copper plated decorations, atom ornaments, and more.

Gifts You Can Make Because You Know Chemistry
Your command of chemistry gives you a certain edge in the gift-making department. Use your skills to make some cool presents, to keep for yourself or give to others.

Christmas Chemistry Demonstration
Color change reactions are classic fare for chemistry demonstrations. You can perform a Christmas chemistry demonstration in which the color of a solution changes from green to red and back to green. The Christmas color change can be repeated over and over again.

Snow Globe Instructions
The 'chemistry' part of this lies in choosing a good liquid and sealant for your globe. Nontoxic and fun!

Crystal Paper Snowflakes
Make your own crystal snowflake ornaments by crystallizing borax onto homemade paper snowflakes. These sparkling snowflakes can be made in any size to suit your decorating needs.

Best Science Toys
The best toys never go out of style. Telescopes, rock tumblers, creature habitats, and chemistry kits are as educational as ever. The latest versions are safer and more interesting than ever before.

Snowflake Chemistry
Here are answers to common questions about snowflakes. Learn how snow forms, what shapes snowflakes take, why snow crystals are symmetrical, whether no two snowflakes really are alike, and why snow looks white!

Christmas Tree Preservative Recipe
Is there a secret special ingredient in those little packets of floral preservative? No! It's easy and economical to make your own Christmas tree or cut flower preservative, using ingredients found at home.

Borax Snowflake Instructions
Do real snowflakes melt too quickly? Grow a borax snowflake, color it blue if you like, and enjoy the sparkle all year long!

Fake Snow Instructions
You can make fake snow using a common polymer. The fake snow is non-toxic, feels cool to the touch, and looks similar to the real thing.

Snow Globe Using Benzoic Acid
Snow made from water crystals melts at room temperature, but snow made from benzoic acid crystals will still be decorating your snow globe when the weather warms up. Here's how to make a snow globe by precipitating benzoic acid to make the 'snow'.

Peppermint Cream Wafers
Chemistry and cooking share a lot in common! You can have some Christmas chemistry fun in the lab making these peppermint cream wafer candies.

Copper Plating Christmas Ornament
Copper plate a holiday decoration as a Christmas ornament or for other decorative uses.

Melting Snow & Ice with Salt
You know salt is sprinkled on roads and sidewalks to melt ice and prevent it from refreezing, but do you know how it works? Learn about freezing point depression and colligative properties and find out about the pros and cons of several de-icers.

How To Color Fire
Have you ever wanted to color fire? Here are simple, nontechnical instructions for making your own colored flames. Add extra interest to your fireplace or campfire!

How to Make Snow
If you want snow, but Mother Nature won't cooperate, you can take matters into your own hands and make snow yourself! This is the homemade version of real water ice snow, just like the snow that falls from the sky except without the need for clouds.

Insta-Snow Review
Insta-Snow is white like real snow, wet, and flakey, but it's made from a polymer gel rather than water and it doesn't melt. Is it fun? Is it safe? Is is cool? Here's what I thought of Insta-Snow.

Is Mistletoe Really Poisonous?
While kissing under the mistletoe is perfectly acceptable, eating the plant or its berries is not. Is mistletoe really poisonous? Here's the truth about what happens if you eat mistletoe.

Glow-in-the-Dark Crystal Snowflake
Learn how to make a glow-in-the-dark crystal snowflake or other glowing holiday ornament. This is a safe and easy project that's great for kids and kids-at-heart. The crystal decorations are light-weight and inexpensive to make.

Magic Crystal Christmas Tree
A magic crystal Christmas tree is an easy crystal project you can do for the holidays.

Poisonous Holiday Plants
Some popular holiday plants can be poisonous or toxic, especially to children and pets. Here's a look at some of the most common poisonous holiday plants and also reassurance about plants many people think are poisonous that really aren't that dangerous.

Silver Crystal Tree
In this simple chemistry demonstration or crystal growing project you'll grow a silver crystal tree.

Snow Ice Cream Recipes
Here is a collection of several quick and easy recipes for ice cream you can make using snow.

Re-Use the Turkey Thermometer
You can re-use the pop-up thermometer that comes with a frozen turkey. Here are easy instructions to re-set the thermometer, which you can then you for another turkey or for other types of poultry.

Crystallized Holiday Stocking
Grow crystals on a holiday stocking to make a glittering crystallized decoration or ornament.

Silver Ornaments
Use a chemical reaction to create a genuine silver ornament. The oxidation-reduction reaction silvers the inside of a glass ball, essentially forming a mirror inside the glass.

Non-Toxic Christmas Tree Food
Make a non-toxic Christmas tree food that keeps your Christmas tree fresh, yet is safe for kids or pets to drink.

Borax Crystal Star
Grow borax crystals around a star shape to produce a crystal star that may be used as an ornament or decoration.

Art pH au Poinsettia
Art pH au Poinsettia

Homemade Crystal Holiday Ornaments
You can make sparkling crystal holiday ornaments yourself! Here are instructions for several homemade crystal decorations.

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