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This is a collection of resources for chemists or people interested in becoming chemists. You'll find a career profile for a chemist, information about the coursework necessary to become a chemist, a look at what being a chemist entails, and additional information.

Chemist Profile
Take a look at what a chemist is, what a chemist does, and what type of salary and career opportunities you can expect as a chemist.

Chemist Salary Profile
This is a look at the average salary of a chemist in the United States. Values are given the Chemist I salary and also for chemist salaries based on experience.

Chemistry Major Courses
Are you interested in studying chemistry in college? Here is a look at the courses you can expect to take if you have a chemistry major. The specific courses you take will depend on which school you attend, but in general you can expect a heavy emphasis on chemistry and math.

High School Classes to Take to Study Science in College
Take a look at what high school courses are needed to prepare you to pursue a chemistry degree in college.

What Are Some Careers in Chemistry?
Chemistry isn't just for chemists! Here's a nice long list of chemistry-related careers, along with a discussion on how your degree impacts your employment options.

How I Became a Chemist
Are you a chemist or thinking about becoming one? If you are interested in becoming a chemist, reading about how others have done it is a great way to start. If you're already a chemist, why not share your experiences with others?See submissions

Working as a Chemist
Are you a chemist? What would you tell someone interested in becoming a chemist about your job?

Reference Books Every Chemist Should Own
There are some reference books I reach for again and again. If your personal library doesn't include these books, maybe it's time to add them.

Top Reasons Why Students Fail Chemistry
Worried about failing chemistry? Here's a look at the main reasons why students fail. Avoiding these common problems could be a key to science class success!

What Is the Difference Between a Scientist and an Engineer?
Scientist versus engineer: are they the same? Different? Here's a look at the definitions of scientist and engineer and the difference between a scientist and engineer.

What Is the IUPAC and What Does It Do?
Find out what the IUPAC is and learn a little about about what the IUPAC does.

Why You Should Get Your Doctoral Degree
If you are studying chemistry or another science, will you stop with a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degree? Read about the advantages to getting a Ph.D.

You May Be a Chemist If...
Is it possible to tell you are a chemist just from the way you look or the things you do? If you have a characteristic that identifies you as a chemist, share it!

Organic Chemist
This is an organic chemist job profile. Learn about what organic chemists do, where organic chemists work, what type of person enjoys organic chemistry and what it takes to become an organic chemist.

How Many Years of School Does It Take To Become a Chemist?
Chemists study matter and energy and reactions between them. You'll need advanced courses to become a chemist. Here's a look at how many years of school you'll need.

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