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Chemistry Supplies & Chemical Suppliers

Find chemicals and chemistry supplies for science fair projects, home schools, and home experiments. This is a list of suppliers that sell to the general public. Of course, schools and labs can order from them, too.
  1. Make Chemicals Yourself (22)

Common Chemicals and Where to Find Them
This is a list of common chemicals and where you can find them.

Where to Find Chemicals - Reader Responses
If you're not a chemist, you may have trouble finding some chemicals for chemistry experiments and projects. There are a lot of chemicals that are commonly available, but usually they aren't labelled with a chemical name so you might not recognize them. Have you found a good source of chemicals or do you know of pure compounds that are sold as common household chemicals? If so, share your informa…

Dessicator Instructions
A dessicator or dessicant container is a chamber that removes water from chemicals or items. It is extremely easy to make a dessicator yourself using materials you probably have on hand.

Chemicals and Compounds - Photo Gallery
This photo gallery showcases a variety of chemicals and compounds so that you can see what they look like.

Carolina Biological Supply Company
Carolina sells much more than biological supplies. You can get test kits, glassware, and chemicals, too.

Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Company
Connecticut Valley carries lab equipment, chemicals, and supplies, but their claim to fame is their wide selection of living specimens. In addition to the usual scientific catagories, this supply house also offers sections on anthropology, skeletons, microtechniques, and space science.

Edmund Scientific
Edmund Scientific has a huge section devoted to science hobbyists. The main categories are astronomy, engines/gears, magnets, robotics, solar energy, and tech geek. There are sections for chemistry and educational toys, too.

eNASCO Science Projects & School Science Experiment Supplies
NASCO carries lab equipment and glassware as well as chemicals. All areas of science are covered, including chemistry, forensics, biotechnology, magnetism, environmental science, and earth science.

Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories
Categories include Cool Science, Chemistry, Elementary School Science and Forensic Science, among many others.

Ward's Natural Science
Ward's supports home labs, hobbyists, science fairs, home schools, and traditional educational and lab settings. Find products for biology, chemistry, earth science, physical science, environmental science, and for field studies.

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