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Science Magic Tricks

Using Science to Perform Magic Tricks


You can use science to perform magic tricks and enhance any magic show. These tricks are great for use as science projects or just for fun.

1. Water into Wine Trick

Water into Wine or Blood Demonstration
andrea, www.morguefile.com
... or water into blood trick, if that's how you want it. This magic trick involves changing a clear liquid into a red liquid. The magic is reversible, so you can alternate between red and clear.

Water into Wine Trick

2. Burning Money Trick

In the burning money demonstration, paper currency is on fire yet is not consumed by the flames.
ICHIRO, Getty Images
Set money on fire and watch it burn out without damaging the bill. This is a nice magic trick, based on everyday chemistry.

Burning Money Step By Step
Burning Money Video

3. Hot Ice

You can supercool sodium acetate and cause it to crystallize on command.
Anne Helmenstine
Turn a clear liquid into what appears to be a block of ice... instantly! As the liquid crystallizes into ice, it generates heat (which is why the material is called hot ice). Another way to perform this trick is to have the liquid turn into a solid while you pour it. You can form hot ice mounds and towers and watch as the crystallization proceeds from your dish into your orignal container.

Hot Ice Tutorial
Hot Ice Video

4. Smoking Fingers Trick

Make your fingers smoke, as if by magic. However, there's science behind this trick, not magic.
Anne Helmenstine
For this eerie science magic trick all you do is rub your fingers together. They will glow in the dark and will start to smoke.

Smoking Fingers Trick
Smoking Fingers Video

5. Gold and Silver Pennies

You can use chemistry to change the color of copper pennies to silver and gold.
Anne Helmenstine
Take pennies or other copper coins and make them appear to change into silver and gold.

Gold and Silver Pennies Trick

6. Egg in a Bottle

Egg in a Bottle Demonstration
Anne Helmenstine
Set a hard-boiled egg on the neck of a bottle. It won't fit! You can use science to get the egg into the bottle without destroying either one.

Egg in a Bottle Trick

7. Handheld Fireballs

Anne Helmenstine
Do you want fire you can hold in the palm of your hand? You can have it, but there is a trick to it.

Handheld Fireballs Trick
Handheld Fireballs Video

8. Traveling Flame Trick

If you blow out a candle, you can relight it from a distance with another flame.
Anne Helmenstine
In this trick you will blow out a candle and relight it from a distance with another flame. Did you know you could do that?

Traveling Flame Trick

9. Bending Water

Charge a plastic comb with static electricity from your hair and use it to bend a stream of water.
Anne Helmenstine
You can bend a stream of water without touching it. The secret of this trick is to get static electricity to move the water for you.

How to Bend Water

10. Invisible Ink

You can use invisible ink or disappearing ink to write secret messages.
Photodisc, Getty Images
Write a message using invisible ink and then make the message appear on blank paper as if by magic.

All About Invisible Ink
Share Your Favorite Invisible Ink Recipe

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