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Fire Magic Tricks

Science Magic Tricks that Involve Flame or Fire


Do you like to play with fire? Do friends call you a pyromaniac? Why not try some sizzling fire magic tricks. This is a collection science magic tricks that all involve flames or fire. With science, you can color fire, hold it in your hand, and appear to bend it to your will.

Burning Money Fire Magic Trick

In the burning money demonstration, paper currency is on fire yet is not consumed by the flames.
ICHIRO, Getty Images
Light a bill on fire and watch it not-burn. This fire magic trick works because paper currency isn't merely paper.

Burning Money Fire Trick
Burnig Money Video

Firebreathing Trick

Corn starch is the fuel being used for this firebreathing.
Anne Helmenstine
Firebreathing involves breathing a fine mist of fuel over an open flame to form a fireball. It's the most stunning fire trick and potentially the most risky since most firebreathing involves using a flammable, toxic fuel. Here are instructions for a safer form of firebreathing, using a non-flammable, non-toxic fuel that you have in your kitchen.

How to Breathe Fire
Firebreathing Video

Handheld Fireballs

Anne Helmenstine
You can handle fire if you make the flames cool enough to touch. Here's a science magic trick that involves juggling balls of fire, though you can adapt the same principles to other fire tricks.

Handheld Fireballs Trick
Handheld Fireball Video

Blow Out a Candle

Blow out a candle by pouring a glass of what appears to be air onto the flame.
Anne Helmenstine
The trick is to blow out the candle without actually blowing on it. Pour a seemingly empty glass over the candle to extinguish the flame.

Blow Out a Candle Trick

Match and Water Fire Magic Trick

Pour water into a shallow dish, light a match in the center of the dish and cover it with a glass.
Anne Helmenstine
This is a simple and interesting fire magic trick in which water is 'magically' drawn into a glass that contains a lit candle or match.

Fire and Water Magic Trick
Fire and Water Magic Trick Video

Colored Fire Spray Bottles

Green fire is easy to make and doesn't require any hard-to-find chemicals.
Anne Helmenstine
A standard fire magic trick is changing the color of the flame. There are a few different ways you can achieve this fire trick, but one of the easiest is to spray the flame with a color-change chemical.

Colored Fire Spray Bottles

Smoking Fingers Trick

Make your fingers smoke, as if by magic. However, there's science behind this trick, not magic.
Anne Helmenstine
Rub your fingers together and watch them give off smoke. There isn't any fire with this trick, though it looks as though your fingers might burst into flame at any moment. You can achieve that effect with a bit of flash paper.

Smoking Fingers Trick

Chemical Fire

Victor Jesus, stock.xchng
You can start a fire without matches or a lighter. Fire is just a sort of chemical reaction, after all. Here are some chemicals that react to produce flames.

Light Fire Without Matches

Ice on Fire

Flaming ice cube.
Diamond Sky Images, Getty Images
Setting ice on fire or just making it appear ice is on fire is a cool fire magic trick. It's much easier to create the appearance of burning ice, but you can really ignite it if you know how.

How to Set Ice on Fire

Set Bubbles on Fire

If you blow flammable bubbles, then you can set them on fire.
Anne Helmenstine
There are a couple of different ways you can burn bubbles. One is to bubble hydrogen gas through bubble solution (you could make your own hydrogen through a chemical reaction). Another is to use a common household product as a source of flammable gas. Either way, the real trick is to fill the bubble with something besides air.

Burning Bubbles Trick
Burning Bubbles Video

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