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Glassware used in a chemistry laboratory is special. It needs to resist chemical attack. Some glassware has to withstand sterilization. Other glassware is used to measure specific volumes, so it can't change its size appreciably over room temperatures. Chemicals may be heated and cooled so the glass needs to resist shattering from thermal shock. For these reasons, most glassware is made from a borosilicate glass, such as Pyrex or Kimax. Some glassware isn't glass at all, but inert plastic such as Teflon.

Each piece of glassware has a name and purpose. Use this photo gallery to learn the names and uses of different types of chemistry laboratory glassware.

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A eudiometer is a piece of glassware used to measure the change in volume of a gas.EudiometerA Florence flask or boiling flask can withstand temperature changes.Florence FlaskA Freidrich condenser or Freidrich condenser is a spiralled finger condenser.Freidrichs CondenserA funnel is a conical piece of glassware that terminates in a narrow tube.Funnel
Cornell Student Taran Sirvent prepares dried St. John's Wort for chemical analysis.FunnelsA gas syringe or gas collecting bottle is used to insert, withdraw, or measure a volume of gas.Gas SyringeGlass Bottles with Ground Glass StoppersGlass BottlesChemistry class at King Edward VI High School for Girls (October 2004).Graduated Cylinder
NMR tubes are glass tubes used to hold samples used for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.NMR TubesThese petri dishes illustrate the sterilization effects of ionizing air on Salmonella growth.Petri DishesPipets are used to measure and transfer small volumes.Pipet or PipetteThe pycnometer is used to obtain accurate measurements of density.Pycnometer
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