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Gifts a Science Whiz Can Make

Show Your Flair for Science


It's easy and fun to make eerie glowing slime.

It's easy and fun to make eerie glowing slime.

Anne Helmenstine
You've seen those lists of gifts that crafty people can make. Those gifts are nice, but gifts made by science geeks are cool.
  • Slime
    Slime is a great gift. No one under the age of 12 will tell you otherwise. If you are making a gift for someone either more mature or less into ooze you might want to go for the fizzy bath bomb. If normal slime is too tame for you, make the glow-in-the-dark variety, because everything is cooler when it glows in the dark. You can either make the slime, put it in a zipper baggie with a festive bow, or you could make up a package of ingredients so the recipient can make the slime.

  • Fizzy Bath Bombs
    There comes a point where it's time to wash away the slime and relax. Fizzy bath bombs are perfect. You can fragrance them or include soothing essential oils. The best part is how they fizz under water.

  • Colored Fire Care Package
    Fill a basket with pinecones which have been treated to produce colored flames. Add a festive bow. Seriously, what gift could be better than colored fire?

  • Absinthe
    ... and the answer to that question is: A basket of colored fire pinecones accompanied by a bottle of lovingly home-crafted absinthe. Absinthe is at the adult end of the gift-giving spectrum.

  • Borax Crystal Ornaments
    You can either make a set of crystal snowflakes as gifts or to attach to gifts as decorations or you can package the borax with instructions and pipecleaners so the recipient can grow their own crystals. The snowflakes can last for years.

  • Fake Snow
    Send the gift of artificial snow. Get some sodium polyacrylate and explain how it can be used to make fake snow that you can use for decorating or refrigerate for snowball fights. The snow is non-toxic and surprisingly non-messy.

  • Invisible Ink
    There is more than one way to make invisible ink. Why not package them all up together with tips on how to write and reveal secret messages? You can use corn starch, baking soda, or lemon juice. This is a great last-minute gift for kids you probably can make without shopping.

  • Custom Perfume
    You can distill your own essential oils and use them to create a signature scent to make a one-of-a-kind gift.
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