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Fahrenheit Definition


Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686 - 1736)

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686 - 1736)

Definition: The Fahrenheit temperature scale was developed by Daniel Fahrenheit (1686-1736) and denoted by the symbol °F. This temperature scale is still in use in a few countries, including the United States for mostly non-scientific uses.
It was originally based on three calibrating points. The first point was to allow a mixture of ice, water, and ammonium chloride to reach equilibrium and recorded the lowest temperature as 0 °F. The second point was recorded at 32 °F when ice would start to form on the surface of still water. The third point was assigned to 96 °F and taken from the body temperature of a person. This point was later changed the top number at 212 °F for the boiling point of water.

Also Known As: °F

Common Misspellings: Farenheit

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