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Ok, it's acknowledged that cramming for an organic exam isn't fun, but chemists are hilarious! Here is a collection of the funniest and strangest chemistry websites. There are sites that are just 'fun' too.
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  4. Weird Science

Chemistry Jokes
Chemistry is funny and chemists have a great sense of humor! Do you have a chemistry joke or riddle or are you looking for one? Share your chemistry joke or read jokes submitted by other readers.

Engineering Jokes and Humor
It's possible you might have to be an engineer to truly appreciate engineering jokes and humor, but if you get the jokes, they are certainly funny! Do you know an engineering joke or one-liner or are you looking for an engineering joke? Submit your joke or read engineering jokes added by other readers.

Top Chemistry Demonstrations & Activities
This is the list of my personal favorite chemistry demonstrations and activities. They tend to involve pretty colors, fire, or ice. Some projects require adult supervision or access to a chemistry lab. Others are easy and safe enough for kids to perform.

Funny Unit Conversions
This is a list of funny, made-up scientific unit conversions.

Molecules with Strange Names
Here's a collection of molecules that have strange or silly names. There are lots of molecules with weird names, so this list will grow and grow.

2012 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony
See what went down at the 2012 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony and read about the cool research that was honored at the event.

Chemistry Concentration Game
Are you ready for some chemistry fun? Match the chemistry-related images to win the game in this version of the classic concentration game. Now, can you beat your time?

Element Symbols in Element Names
Here's a list of the element names that can be broken down into element symbols. For example, the letters in the element neon are the symbols for Ne, O, N (neon, oxygen, and nitrogen).

Interpreting Statements in Scientific Papers
What does it mean when a scientists writes, "it can be shown" or "a trend is obvious"? Here are translations for these and other common phrases used in research papers.

You May Be a Chemist If...
Is it possible to tell you are a chemist just from the way you look or the things you do? If you have a characteristic that identifies you as a chemist, share it!

You Might Be an Engineer If...
Is it possible to tell you are an engineer just from the way you look or the things you do? If you have a characteristic that identifies you as an engineer, share it!

Science Pranks
Some of the coolest pranks and practical jokes rely on science. Learn how to make stink bombs, color someone's urine, change the color of coins, and more with this collection of science pranks.

Science Jokes
Science is funny and scientists have a great sense of humor! Do you have a science joke or riddle or are you looking for one? Share your science joke or read jokes submitted by other readers.

Chemistry Poems and Songs
Here is a collection of chemistry poems and chemistry songs, including element and periodic table songs and poems and reader submissions.

Chemistry Songs and Poems - Reader Submissions
Do you know a chemistry song or poem? It could be a song or poem about elements or the periodic table or simply related to chemistry. Here's your chance to share your song or poem or to read chemistry songs and poems submitted by others.

Stink Bomb Recipes
Stink bombs smell terrible, but they are also fun. Here are instructions for how to use everyday materials to make your own stink bombs.

Bubble Science
Learn about the science behind bubbles. Find out what bubbles are and how they behave.

Bathroom Chemistry Quiz
Do you know about the chemistry of excretion and toiletries? Let's find out! Take this ten question multiple choice quiz and test your bathroom knowledge.

Everyday Chemistry Quiz
Do you read labels and keep up with chemistry as it affects your daily life? Here's a ten question quiz you can take to test your knowledge. Are you ready? Have fun!

Molecules with Strange or Silly Names
Molecules don't always have long alphabet-soup names. Chemists have a sense of humor. Sometimes molecules have amusing names. Here are some examples of molecules with funny, strange, or silly names.

Pepper and Water Science Magic Trick
The pepper and water science trick is one of the easiest magic tricks you can perform. Here's how to do the trick and an explanation of how it works.

Top Science Movies
These are the top science movies of all time, as rated by your About Chemistry Guide. I'm pretty sure my list differs from conventional wisdom, so justifications for my film choices are provided.

What Materials Glow Under a Black or Ultraviolet Light?
Black lights emit ultraviolet radiation, giving certain materials an eerie glow. Which materials? You can do a little experimental research or you can check out this list!

Chemical Bond Concept/Skills Development
Chemical bonds are the subject of these limericks, puzzles, games, and jokes.

Gallery of Statistics Jokes
Gary C. Ramseyer's collection of jokes about statistics and statisticians.

Humor: On the Fun Side
The lighter side of chemical bonding. From John I. Gelder, Oklahoma State University.

Landscapes of Polarization Microscopy
Pictures of crystals viewed with polarized light.

MDeA's Chemistry Fun Page
There are several chemistry jokes and riddles (just under 30 when I indexed the site). Have pHun!

Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery
Photomicrographs range from rare chemical and biological specimens to everyday objects. From Florida State University.

Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names
These are real molecules with strange or silly names. The molecular structure and an interesting factoid are provided for each molecule.

Moving Atoms
Images from the atomic assembly line at IBM’s Almaden Research Center.

Periodic Table of Rejected Elements, The
Okay, it isn't really chemistry at all, but this periodic table of non-elements is still amusing... to chemists anyway.

Pharmaceutical Collection
Microscopic views of crystalline drugs (JPEG images).

Science Jokes
Joachim Verhagen's collection of more than 1000 science jokes from various science fields and academic life. Contains also some mnemonics.

Science à GoGo
Offbeat headlines enliven serious science articles.

Songs of Cesium
In addition to some facts about the element cesium, Randal C. Nelson's page offers many, many songs about... well... cesium!

The Ig Nobel Webpage
Ig Nobel... ignoble, get it? Check out the laureates. Audio and visual of past ceremonies is available.

Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules
CHIME plug-in makes viewing more meaningful. From University of Minnesota at Twin Cities and University of Wisconsin at Madison.

You Can
Home experiments for children by the engaging Beakman and Jax.

Common Acids Crossword Puzzle
This crossword puzzle uses the molecular formulas of common acids as clues. The common name for each formula is the solution. Links to download the puzzle in PDF format are provided below.

Element Word Search
This is a word search puzzle where the words to find are the 118 elements on the periodic table.

Chemistry Laboratory Glassware Word Search
Find the chemistry laboratory glassware in this word search puzzle.

Science Major Mouse
Science major mouse is a small white mouse with all the trials and tribulations of a college science major. This gallery shows the best of the science major mouse meme.

Scientific Research Humor Quiz
Scientists don't always say what they mean when they write research papers. Here are some humorous interpretations of statemenents and what they might really mean. This multiple choice quiz is just for fun.

2013 Ig Nobel Prize Award Ceremony
See what went down at the 2013 Ig Nobel Prize award ceremony held Thursday, September 12, 2013 at Harvard University.

Scientific Method Word Search
This word search activity contains words associated with the scientific method and experimentation.

Famous Chemists Word Search
This is a word search puzzle containing the names of famous chemists.

Chemistry Terms Word Search
This is a word search puzzle containing introductory chemistry terms.

Element Symbol Crossword - Countries of the World
This crossword puzzle is full of the names of countries from around the world. To know which countries, you will have to know the element symbols of the elements.

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