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Grade School Science Experiments

Science Experiments for Grade School or Elementary School


Get ideas for science experiments targeted at the grade school or elementary school educational level. Find out how to perform a science experiment and get a hypothesis to test.

Experiments by Grade Level

Volcano Science Experiments

This is a science fair model volcano.
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The model volcano used to be considered a standard science fair project. This is because it's easy to do and a lot of fun to make an eruption! While a chemical volcano is usually a model, it can be turned in a science experiment simply by testing a hypothesis:

Hypothesis: The amount of lava from a chemical volcano does not depend on the ratio of ingredients.

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Grade School Bubble Experiments

You can perform grade school science experiments using bubble gum as well as bubble solution.
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Bubbles are fun and non-toxic, so they are perfect subjects for grade school science experiments. You can experiment with bubble gum, not just bubble solution, so let your imagination run wild.

Sample Hypothesis:
  1. Bubble size does not depend on how many sticks of bubble gum you use.
  2. You'll get the same size bubbles using regular gum and sugar-free gum.
  3. Bubble size does not depend on brand of bubble solution.
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Slime Science Experiments

Slime is a fun basis for a grade school science experiment.
Anne Helmenstine
You can make slime for fun, plus you can make slime part of a science experiment. There are several different recipes for slime, so you have a lot of options.

Proposed Hypothesis:
  1. The ratio of ingredients won't affect the properties of the slime.
  2. Slime won't mold.
  3. A polymer slime ball and a commercial ball will bounce the same height.
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