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Fruit Ripening and Ethylene Experiment


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Fruit Ripening Experiment - Analyze the Data
Examine the stained fruit. You may wish to take photographs or draw pictures. The best way to compare the data is to set up some sort of scoring. Compare the levels of staining for unripe versus ripe fruit. The unripe fruit should be heavily stained, while fully ripe or rotting fruit should be unstained. How many levels of staining can you distinguish between the ripe and unripe fruit?

You may wish to make a scoring chart, showing staining levels for unripe, ripe, and several intermediate levels. At a minimum, score your fruit as unripe (0), somewhat ripe (1), and fully ripe (2). This way, you are assigning a quantitative value to the data so that you can average the value for ripeness of the control and test groups and can present the results in a bar graph.

Test Your Hypothesis

If the ripening of the fruit was unaffected by storing it with a banana, then both the control and test groups should be the same level of ripeness. Were they? Was the hypothesis accepted or rejected? What is the significance of this result?

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