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Thermite Reaction


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Introduction to the Thermite Reaction
Thermite reaction between aluminum and ferric oxide.

Thermite reaction between aluminum and ferric oxide.

CaesiumFluoride, Wikipedia Commons
The thermite reaction is one of the more spectacular chemical reactions you can try. You're basically burning metal, except much more quickly than the usual rate of oxidation. It's an easy reaction to perform, with practical applications (e.g., welding). Don't be afraid to try it, but do use proper safety precautions since the reaction is highly exothermic and can be dangerous.

Thermite Reaction Safety Notes

The thermite reaction is highly exothermic. In addition to the risk of burns from getting too close to the reaction or having material ejected from it, there is a risk of eye damage from looking at the very bright light that is produced. Only perform the thermite reaction on a fire-safe surface. Wear protective clothing, stand far away from the reaction, and try to ignite it from a remote location.

Now that you know what to expect and have read all of the safety precautions, are you ready to try the thermite reaction? It's easy to set up and perform...

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