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Even More Chemistry Feature Articles

Chemistry Feature Articles


Copper Alchemical Symbol

Copper alchemical symbol. See more symbols in the alchemy image gallery.

Todd Helmenstine
Most Recent Features, Continued...

06/11/08 - Biodiesel from Vegetable Oil Tutorial
As the price of diesel continues to climb, you may wish to consider making your own diesel from cooking oil, called biodiesel. It's easy and could save you money.

06/09/08 - Periodic Table Trends Quiz
Do you understand the trends of periodic table periodicity? Here's a ten question multiple choice quiz you can take to test your knowledge.

06/09/08 - Stink Bomb Recipes
Stink bombs smell terrible, but they are also fun. Here are instructions for how to use everyday materials to make your own stink bombs.

06/09/08 - Elements in Fireworks
Learn about the functions of the chemical elements in fireworks.

06/09/08 - Fireworks Photo Gallery
Take a look at some fireworks, sparklers, firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices.

06/05/08 - Area & Volume Formulas
Here's a handy reference with formulas for perimeter, surface area, and volume of many common figures.

06/04/08 - Glow in the Dark Photo Gallery
See examples of different types of luminescence and materials that glow in the dark.

06/03/08 - Mentos & Tonic Water Glowing Fountain
It's easy to make a mentos and soda eruption glow. All you need to do is use tonic water or diet tonic water instead of the usual diet soda and shine a black light on the fountain.

05/29/08 - Elements in the Sun
You probably know the sun consists mainly of hydrogen and helium. Can you name the other elements found in our closest star?

05/26/08 - Step-By-Step Mentos & Soda Project
Here's a look at the before, during, and after of a mentos and diet soda fountain. It's a great science project that is easy and safe to do.

05/24/08 - Fun Summer Science Kits
Do you have bored kids? These science kits will keep them entertained, plus they might learn something, too.

05/23/08 - Sugar Crystals & Rock Candy Pictures
Do you know what rock candy looks like? See rock candy and other images of sugar crystals including a micrograph of a sucrose crystal.

05/23/08 - Fire & Flames Photo Gallery
Fire and flames are the visible result of combustion. Usually they consist of light and hot gases. Here's a look at some fire, flames, and pyrotechnics.

05/20/08 - Bubble Life & Temperature - Sample Science Fair Projects
This science fair project examines whether bubbles last the same length of time in hot temperatures as they do in cool temperatures.

05/20/08 - Ideal Gas Law - Constant Volume
This is a worked example problem using the ideal gas law to calculate the pressure of a gas at constant volume.

05/18/08 - Alfred Nobel Biography
Nobel was the chemist who invented dynamite and created the Nobel Foundation.

05/17/08 - Rock Candy Instructions
Rock candy is candy made by crystallizing sugar. You can grow sugar crystals yourself, plus add color and flavor to make rock candy that you can eat.

05/16/08 - Irving Langmuir Biography
Irving Langmuir is known for his work on thin film and surface chemistry. He was a prolific innovator for General Electric and produced over 60 patents for them.

05/16/08 - Fire & Flame Photo Gallery
Fire and flames are the visible result of combustion. Usually they consist of light and hot gases. Here's a look at some fire, flames, and pyrotechnics.

05/14/08 - Gilbert N. Lewis Biography
Gilbert Lewis is known for his work in thermodynamics and covalent bonds.

05/13/08 - Why Is It Harder to Rinse off Soap with Soft Water?
Soap lathers better in soft water, yet it's harder to rinse off than if you rinsed with hard water. Why? The answer lies in understanding the chemistry of soft water and soap.

05/07/08 - Patio Table Crystals
Turn the surface of your glass patio table into a safe place for kids to explore crystals. Here's an easy crystal project you can do on any warm, sunny day using ingredients from your kitchen.

05/06/08 - Snowflake Photo Gallery
Snowflakes take many forms. This is a photo gallery of snowflakes and ice crystals.

05/05/08 - Glenn Seaborg - Biography
Glenn Seaborg is known for his work with transuranic elements. Here is a brief biography for this influential scientist.

05/04/08 - What Is a Crystal?
Get the definition for a crystal and learn about some common types of crystals.

05/01/08 - Citrus Fruit Battery
If you have fruit, a couple of nails, and wire then you can generate electricity to turn on a light bulb. Learn how to make a fruit battery. It's fun, safe, and easy.

04/28/08 - Invisible Inks
Make your own invisible ink so you can write and reveal secret messages.

04/23/08 - Gold & Silver Pennies
Take copper pennies and turn then silver, then make them gold. This is an easy chemistry project that uses common laboratory chemicals.

04/23/08 - Baking Soda & Vinegar Volcano Step-By-Step
This is a detailed tutorial for making a baking soda and vinegar chemical volcano. The reactions involved in the 'eruption' are given.


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