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You can make a colorful many-layered density column using common household liquids.

You can make a colorful many-layered density column using common household liquids.

Anne Helmenstine
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09/04/08 - Red Fire Instructions
Red fire is easy to produce. This is a classic color for sparklers and fireworks as well as holiday parties. It would also be a cheery coloration for a campfire or fireplace.

09/04/08 - Violet Fire Instructions
It's very simple to make violet or purple fire. All you need are two easy-to-find ingredients.

09/03/08 - Memorize the Elements
Here is a mnemonic to help you memorize the first twenty elements in the periodic table.

09/02/08 - Make a Storm Glass
Use your knowledge of chemistry to make a storm glass to help you predict the weather.

08/27/08 - Science Fair Project Poster
Here's an example of how you can organize a science fair project poster to clearly display your use of the scientific method for your project.

08/24/08 - Halloween Science Projects
Are you ready for some spooky science? These projects and experiments are just right for Halloween. Make your holiday educational as well as fun!

08/23/08 - Mad Scientist Theme Party
A mad scientist party is a fun and educational party theme, ideal for birthdays and Halloween. Get ideas for invitations, decorations, costumes, food and drink, cakes, mad scientist experiments and games, as well as party favors for guests to take home.

08/21/08 - Which Mad Scientist Are You?
If you were a famous mad scientist, which mad scientist would you be? Take this fun multiple choice quiz to find out.

08/19/08 - Element Picture Quiz
Can you recognize the elements when you see them? Here's a quiz that tests your ability to identify an element based on its appearance.

08/17/08 - Hazard Symbol Quiz
This fun multiple choice quiz tests your recognition of lab safety signs and symbols. If you fail this quiz you might want to avoid the chem lab until after you have reviewed the meanings of the signs.

08/06/08 - Aufbau Principle & Electronic Structure
Stable atoms have as many electrons as they do protons. How do these electrons orient themselves around the nucleus? They fill their electron orbitals by the aufbau principle.


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