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Chemistry Facts and Pictures

Find characteristics and pictres of atoms and molecules. There are databases for molecular structures, physical and chemical properties of substances, patents, chemical incompatibilities, articles and abstracts, charts/tables, and more. Links to collections of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are included.
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10 Basic Chemistry Facts
This is a collection of 10 fun and interesting basic chemistry facts.

Fun and Interesting Chemistry Facts
Chemistry is a fascinating science, full of unusual trivia! Here are some fun and interesting chemistry facts for you.

Chemistry Feature Articles
This is a collection of the most recent features added to About's Chemistry website, authored by Dr. Anne Helmenstine.

Elements in the Human Body
Find out what elements are in the human body and what these elements do.

Science Pictures & Chemical Structures
Find pictures of molecules, lab equipment, safety signs, elements, and crystals.

Element List
Here's a list of chemical elements ordered by increasing atomic number. The names and element symbols are provided.

Atomic Weights of the Elements
This is the list of the atomic weights of the elements (2007 IUPAC-accepted values). Elements are listed in order of increasing atomic number.

Chemical Structures Archive
From your A0out Chemistry Guide, these are structures (gifs) for all of the molecules from articles and facts on the About Chemistry website. Many supplemental structures are available, too. Additions are made to the archive regularly.

Chemistry Glossary
From your About Chemistry guide, this glossary includes terminology from featured articles. Additional chemistry definitions are always being added.

-ology List of Sciences
An -ology is a discipline of study, as indicated by having the -ology suffix. This is a list of science ologies.

Periodic Table of the Elements for Kids
This table was made with kids and homework in mind. It includes element groups and periods, element symbols, atomic numbers, atomic weights, and links to detailed facts for each element.

Crystal Photo Gallery
This is a collection of photographs of crystals. Some are crystals you can grow yourself. Others are representative pictures of crystals of elements and minerals.

Chemistry Laboratory Glassware Gallery
Learn the names and uses of different types of chemistry laboratory glassware.

Chemistry How-To Guide
From your About Chemistry Guide, these are recipes for education and family fun, as well as interesting experiments and demonstrations.

Chemistry Problems - Worked Examples
This is an ever-growing collection of worked chemistry problems. The examples are grouped according to subject matter.

Chemical Weapons
See the chemical structures of chemical weapons and warfare agents and learn a little about their uses.

Compounds - Inorganic Chemicals
List of inorganic chemical compounds.

Drug Photo Gallery
See the molecular structures of common drugs, including drugs of abuse. Photos of the drugs themselves are also included.

Drugs from Plants
This is a table listing many of the pharmaceuticals that are derived from plants, including the names of the drugs, their actions, plant sources, and the common names of the plants.

Electronic Configuration of the Elements
This table is a compilation of the electron configurations of the elements up through number 104. Tips for writing out stable configurations and for shorthand notation are included.

Element Photos
You probably know what elemental carbon looks like (think diamond or graphite), but you might not know what indium or cadmium look like. Here's a collection of photographs of the elements to help you out.

Element Symbols
It's easier to navigate the periodic table and write chemical equations and formulae once you know the symbols for the elements. Here's an alphabetical list of element symbols with corresponding element names.

Elements Listed by Density
See the order of the chemical elements according to their density (mass per unit volume), from least dense to most dense.

Famous Chemists
This is an index of famous chemists and other scientists who made important contributions to the field of chemistry, arranged alphabetically according to the scientist's last name.

Food Additives
This is a list of common food additives and a description of their uses.

Gemstone List
This alphabetical list of gemstones includes the mineral names of the gemstones as well as links to photos of the gems.

Hawaii Chemistry
Take a look at the Big Island of Hawaii from a chemistry perspective.

Pictures of Women in Chemistry
See photos of women who made contributions to the field of chemistry.

Printable Periodic Table of the Elements
Download or print these periodic tables to help work chemistry problems or to predict properties of the elements.

Science Laboratory Safety Signs
This is a collection of safety signs and symbols commonly seen in a science laboratory, particularly a chemistry lab.

Science Pictures
This is an image gallery of science photographs and images. Most of the images relate to chemistry, though there are many which apply to science in general or are specific to biology, physics, or medicine.

Science Projects Photo Gallery
The best part about science projects is actually doing them, but seeing them is pretty cool too. This is a photo gallery of science projects so you can see what to expect from projects. I've included links to instructions for doing these projects yourself or buying kits online.

Valences of the Elements
The valences aren't just those you see in the columns of the periodic table! Check out this chart of element valences to help determine potential chemical reactions.

Women in Chemistry
Women have made many important contributions to the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering. Here's a list of female scientists and a description of the research or invention that made them famous.

Archive of 2001 Chemistry Articles
This is a collection of all of the original feature articles written for About Chemistry in 2001. The articles include information on gasoline, preservatives, theobromine, lycopene, diamond structure, soap-making, and many other topics.

Archive of 2002 Chemistry Articles
This is a collection of all of the original feature articles written for About Chemistry in 2002. The articles include information on tattoo ink, science fair projects, Nobel prizes, Avogadro, leaf colors, sunless tanning, and more.

Archive of 2003 Chemistry Articles
This is a collection of all of the original feature articles written for About Chemistry in 2003. Articles discuss topics including rigor mortis, water chemistry, mosquito repellents, ricin, pH indicators, and more.

Archive of 2004 Chemistry Articles
These are the 2004 About Chemistry features. You'll find information about searching for extraterrestial life, learn to grow sugar crystals, get instructions for balancing redox reactions, see the symbols used in alchemy, and test your understanding of concepts with quizzes and games.

Archive of 2005 Chemistry Features
This is the collection of 2005 features written for About Chemistry. Make liquid nitrogen ice cream, synthesize aspirin, learn why apples turn brown, grow epsom salt crystals, test your knowledge of rock and mineral chemistry, and more.

Fun Science Facts
Amaze yourself and your friends with these science facts! This is a collection of fun and interesting science facts.

Chemistry Facts and Trivia
Do you know an interesting chemistry fact or are you looking for some cool chemistry trivia? Add your chemistry fact or read what others have submitted. Submitted facts are checked for accuracy before being published.

Science Facts and Trivia
Do you know a science fact or need to find an interesting or cool science fact or science trivia? Add a fact or read the science facts submitted by others. Science facts are verified before being published.

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