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I like to talk about projects, and yes, I am a bit of a pyro.

I like to talk about projects, and yes, I am a bit of a pyro.

Anne Helmenstine
You can follow About.com Chemistry on Facebook and Twitter. Here's how to interact with Anne Helmenstine of About.com Chemistry and some information about what to expect from Facebook and Twitter.

About.com Chemistry on Facebook

You can follow what's new with About.com Chemistry by becoming a fan of Chemistry on Facebook. The Facebook fan page includes the latest blog posts from the Chemistry site, plus you can interact with me (Dr. Anne Helmenstine of About.com Chemistry) directly.

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I also maintain a 'normal' Facebook page about myself. You're welcome to send a friend invite if you'd like to connect on Facebook:

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About.com Chemistry on Twitter

My Twitter account is more personal than my Facebook fan page. I tweet when I update my Chemistry site, but you'll also get tweets about photos I post on my personal blog (typically photos of my travels) and comments regarding chemistry and other news. My Twitter name is Azareal:

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Anne Helmenstine on Google+

Google+ is an increasingly popular form of social media. Add me to your circle and I'll return the favor by adding you to mine: Anne Helmenstine on Google+

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If you're interested in who I am outside of About.com, feel free to follow me or connect with me on LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Rebelmouse.
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