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Learn about Hawaii's green sand beach.

Learn about Hawaii's green sand beach.

Anne Helmenstine
2007 Recent Features, Continued...

04/27/07 - Slime Step-By-Step Instructions
Slime is easy and fun to make, plus it only requires glue, borax, and water. Here are step-by-step instructions for making classic slime, complete with photos.

04/24/07 - Red Cabbage pH Paper
Learn how to make your own pH indicator test strips using red cabbage. This is a fun, safe, and easy chemistry project that you can do at home.

04/22/07 - What Is Earth Day?
Find out what Earth Day is all about, when it is, and how it started.

04/16/07 - Hawaii Chemistry
Take a look at the Big Island of Hawaii from a chemistry perspective.

04/15/07 - Green Sand Beach
Hawaii's Green Sand Beach is an unforgettable destination. Learn why the sand is green and how to get to the beach.

04/11/07 - Oobleck Recipe
Learn how to make Oobleck, a type of slime that has properties of both liquids and solids.

04/04/07 - Goo Recipe
Make squishy non-toxic goo that hardens in your hands when you squeeze it, but flows like a liquid when you pour it.

04/02/07 - Stoichiometry Quiz
Stoichiometry is concerned with the proportions of elements that combine during chemical reactions. Test your understanding of stoichiomety with this fun multiple choice quiz.

03/27/07 - Compound Names Chemistry Quiz
This brief multiple-choice test will help you see if you know how to name compounds.

03/25/07 - Top 10 Chemistry Questions You Should Be Able to Answer
These are questions an educated person should be able to answer relating to chemistry in the everyday world.

03/21/07 - Top Quick Crystal Growing Projects
Grow crystals quickly and easily with these top crystal growing projects.

03/20/07 - How to Make 'Floam'
Make your own version of Floam™, a type of slime that contains polystyrene beads so that you can shape it and create with it.

03/18/07 - How Do Pop Rocks Candy Work?
Find out how pop rocks candy works and whether or not it's true your stomach will explode if you wash down pop rocks with soda.

03/13/07 - Quick Sheet Crystals
If you don't have the time or patience to grow crystals over hours, days, or longer, try growing these sheet crystals. You'll get results in seconds!

03/12/07 - Ammonium Phosphate Crystals (Easy)
Monoammonium phosphate crystals are among the quickest, easiest, and safest crystals you can grow. Learn how to grow these crystals yourself.

03/06/07 - How Do Chemical Weapons Smell?
Do you think chemical weapons smell terrible? You might be surprised to learn many are odorless or smell pleasant.

03/04/07 - Lab Equipment & Instruments
Find images of laboratory equipment and instruments, including glassware and antique items.

02/28/07 - Pictures of Famous Chemists
These are images of famous chemists or other scientists who made significant contributions to the field of chemistry.

02/27/07 - Lord Ernest Rutherford
Ernest Rutherford was a British physicist who did research that became the basis for modern nuclear physics. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1908.

02/27/07 - Sir J.J. Thomson
J.J. Thomson discovered the electron while studying electricity in a cathode ray tube (CRT).

02/27/07 - Marie Sklodowska Curie
Marie Sklodowska Curie was a Polish-born French scientist. She won the Nobel Prize twice and was famous for her work on radioactivity.

02/22/07 - Ways to Reduce Fluoride Exposure
Fluoride isn't only found in toothpaste and water. There are many everyday sources and several steps you can take to lower your exposure.

02/22/07 - What Is the Strongest Acid?
Do you know what the strongest acid is? I'll give you a hint. It's not hydrochloric acid nor is it sulfuric acid.

02/19/07 - Why Do Onions Make You Cry?
Find out why you cry when you cut onions and how you can keep it from happening.

02/13/07 - Vitamin C Determination by Iodine Titration
Use this redox-based iodometric titration to determine the amount of Vitamin C or ascorbic acid in juice and other samples.

02/11/07 - Types of Science Fair Projects
Learn about the five types of science fair projects, then decide which is right for you.

02/11/07 - Why Do a Science Fair Project?
There are excellent reasons why you would want to do a science fair project, even if it isn't for a grade.

02/09/07 - How Do Disposable Diapers Work? Why Do They Leak?
Learn about the polymer in disposable diapers, sodium polyacrylate. Find out how the polymer absorbs water and why diapers leak.

02/07/07 - Elementary School Science Fair Project Ideas
Find science fair project ideas suitable for the kindergarten through fifth grade level. I've included projects for the preschool level also.

02/07/07 - Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas
Find ideas for middle school science fair projects. These are projects suitable for the 6-8 grade level.

02/07/07 - High School Science Fair Project Ideas
Get ideas for great high school science projects. These are projects targeted from the 9-12 grade educational level.

02/07/07 - College Science Fair Project Ideas
Get ideas for science fair projects suitable for college level students. Most of these projects are targeted for the freshman year.

02/06/07 - Strength of Acids and Bases
Learn about strong and weak acids and bases. Get definitions and examples of each type.

02/06/07 - Vitamins May Hurt Your Health
Your multivitamin may contain more or less nutrients than you think, plus may include some nasty contaminants.

02/04/07 - Do You Burn More Calories When You Think Hard?
Find out how many calories you burn when thinking and how it compares with the energy expended by physical exercise.

01/26/07 - Elements in the Human Body
Find out what elements are in the human body and what these elements do.

01/24/07 - Can Your Hair Turn White from Fright or Turn Gray Overnight?
Is it true your hair can turn white from a bad scare or that your hair can turn gray overnight? Learn about your haircolor and get the answer to the question.

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