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Mad Scientist Party


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Mad Scientist Party Activities
You don't need a fancy chemistry set to model molecules.

You don't need a fancy chemistry set to model molecules. Try using either gumdrops or miniature marshmallows with toothpicks or spaghetti.

Anne Helmenstine
Classic Mad Scientist party activities would involve slime and volcanic eruptions, but you don't need to get messy to have fun.

Potentially Messy Party Games & Activities

Good Clean Fun
  • Make molecules using toothpicks or spaghetti and mini-marshmallows or gumdrops.


  • Go on a chemistry scavenger hunt.


  • Play with balloons. You can rub normal balloons on your hair and stick them to a wall. You can raise the pitch of your voice using helium balloons.


  • Explore freezing point depression by making yummy ice cream in a baggie.


  • Make Fruit Batteries to light holiday lights and learn about ions and electrochemistry.


  • Play 'Burst the Atom'. Tie one balloon around one ankle of each guest. Guests try to stomp balloons while saving their own. The winner is the last person with an 'atom'.


  • Go 'Bobbing for Eyeballs'. This is like bobbing for apples except using ping pong balls on which you have drawn an eyeball with permanent marker.


  • Make your own (edible) mad scientist monsters. Cut a tray of rice krispie treats into rectangles. Let guests decorate their treats to resemble scientists or monsters using green frosting, colored candies, licorice, and sprinkles.

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