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Mad Scientist Party


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Mad Scientist Party Food
You can make wraps that resemble mad scientists.

Play with your food! You can make wraps that resemble mad scientists. Stuff wraps or tortillas with veggies. Feel free to add tuna or chicken salad.

Anne Helmenstine
Mad scientist party food can be high-tech or gross or both.
  • Have your party guests make colored celery sticks by soaking cut celery in food-colored water. You can explain capillary action! Serve the celery with cream cheese or peanut butter.


  • Serve normal food, but give it science names. Do you have guacamole-flavored chips? Call them alien crunchies.


  • All the usual foods are good: hot dogs, pizza, spaghetti. You could use colored water to make the spaghetti.


  • You can make sandwich wraps resemble kooky mad scientists. Use vegetables for hair, olive slices for eyes, and cut cheese for detailed features. You can add chicken or tuna salad or pretty much any filling.


  • Use a black light and make glow-in-the-dark jell-o.


  • Make blood pudding. Yes, it sounds gross, and no, I'm not recommending making the traditional dish, real blood and all. Simply add red food coloring to vanilla or banana instant pudding. You can add a few gummy worms to increase the gross-factor. Tastes great, kind of disgusting.


  • You can make liquid nitrogen ice cream or carbonated dry ice cream.

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