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Mad Scientist Party


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Mad Scientist Cakes
An eyeball cake is super-easy to make and tastes better than it looks.

An eyeball cake is super-easy to make and is a great cake for a Halloween party or mad scientist birthday party.

Anne Helmenstine
You can make a fun cake for a Mad Scientist theme party.

Eyeball Cake

  1. Bake a cake in a well-greased 2-qt glass or metal mixing bowl.
  2. Frost the cake with white frosting.
  3. Draw an eye using blue or frosting. You can use a glass to make a circle shape in the white frosting.
  4. Fill in the pupil of the eye with black frosting or use a circle made from construction paper. I used a mini-Reeses wrapper.
  5. Use red gel frosting to trace blood vessels in the white of the eye.
Brain Cake
  1. Bake a lemon or yellow cake in a well-greased 2-quart glass or metal mixing bowl.
  2. Decorate the cake using pale yellow (brain-colored) frosting by squeezing frosting in a pastry bag through a round decorating tip.
  3. Make thick back-and-forth brain grooves (called sulci in case anyone asks).
  4. Use red gel frosting to trace blood vessels on the brain or else use a clean pastry brush and red frosting to draw more gruesome blood.
Volcano Cake
  1. Bake a red velvet cake in a mixing bowl.


  2. If you have access to dry ice, you can hollow out the top of the cake to accomodate a small cup and frost all around the cup. When it's time to serve the cake add hot water to the cup and drop in a bit of dry ice. If you don't have access to dry ice you can use lava-colored fruit roll-ups to simulate an eruption.


  3. Frost the cake with chocolate frosting or swirl red and yellow food coloring into vanilla frosting.


  4. Use orange frosting to make lava running down the sides of the cake.


  5. Sprinkle red sugar crystals onto the orange lava.


  6. To make a fruit roll-up eruption, fold two lava-colored fruit roll-ups in half and re-roll them. Set them into the frosting on top of the cake.
Math or Science Cake

You can decorate any cake with mathematical equations and scientific symbols. A round cake could be decorated as a radiation symbol. A sheet cake could be made to resemble a chalkboard.

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