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Mad Scientist Party


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Mad Scientist Decorations
Helium balloons can be used to change your voice.

Helium balloons can be used to change your voice.

Pioneer Balloon Company, public domain
Mad scientist decorations are a breeze!
  • Get balloons. Mylar (the shiny silver kind) look high tech, but you can use normal latex balloons for electricity science experiments. Helium-filled balloons are great for changing the pitch of your voice (illustrating density). You could inflate surgical gloves as decorations, too.


  • You can print MSDS sheets or molecular structures for sucrose (sugar) or sodium chloride (salt) or lab safety signs. Biohazard is always a nice touch, though radiation is also cool.


  • You can decorate a chalk board or dry erase board with equations or instructions for your science projects.


  • Fill jars with food-colored water. Add plastic eyeballs, animals, fake body parts, or whatever you find that looks 'science-y'.


  • Dissect a few gummy worms or frogs, pinned to cardboard.


  • I highly recommend having a black light (ultraviolet lamp). There are several food and drink ideas that will glow under a black light, plus it opens up the possibilities for glowing party games and makes everything look cool.


  • Replace your normal light bulbs with colored bulbs.

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