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Mad Scientist Party


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Mad Scientist Costumes
A mad scientist costume is easy and inexpensive to make.

David is wearing an actual lab coat from a real lab, but you can get a similar effect by cutting a white t-shirt up the center. I printed a lab safety sign and stuck it to his coat. Reading glasses look geeky like goggles, but are easier to find.

Anne Helmenstine
Mad scientist costumes are easy to make, plus they can be inexpensive. Here are some ideas of ways to get the right look.
  • Buy packs of plain cotton t-shirts or undershirts. Cut them up the middle (they are knit so they won't unravel). Wear these as lab coats. Your mad scientists may wish to decorate their lab coats with permanent markers or do some Sharpie tie-dye to personalize their science gear.


  • Purchase inexpensive safety goggles, sunglasses, or wacky glasses from a dollar store.


  • Make construction paper geeky bow ties, which can be attached to a shirt or 'lab coat' with a safety pin or paper clip.


  • Print a lab safety symbol and attach it to the lab coat with a safety pin or even double-stick tape.

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