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Mentos and Soda Project


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Setting Up a Mentos and Soda Fountain
This is the 'before' photo of the mentos and diet soda fountain.

This is the 'before' photo of the mentos and diet soda fountain. Eric is about to drop the roll of mentos candies into the open bottle of diet cola.

Anne Helmenstine
This is a super-easy project that is safe and fun for kids. All you need are a roll of Mentos™ candies and a 2-liter bottle of soda. Diet cola seems to work best, but really any soda will work. One advantage of using diet soda is the end-result won't be sticky.

Mentos & Soda Materials

  • roll of Mentos™ candies (any flavor)
  • 2-liter bottle of soda (diet soda is less sticky; diet cola seems to produce the best fountain)
  • index card or sheet of paper
Prepare for the Project
  1. This science project results in a jet of soda up to 20-feet in the air, so it's best if you set up outdoors.
  2. Roll a piece of cardboard or paper into a tube. Drop the roll of candies into this tube. In this photo, we used a sheet cardboard from the back of an old notebook. Use your finger to keep the candies from falling out.
  3. Open the bottle of soda and get ready...

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