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English to Metric Conversions - Unit Cancelling Method

By Todd Helmenstine

English to Metric Conversions - Yards to Meters
Yards to Meter Example Problem

Algebraic steps to convert yards to meters

Todd Helmenstine
Unit cancellation is one of the easiest ways to keep control of your units in any science problem. This example converts grams to kilograms. It doesn't matter what the units are, the process is the same.

Question: How many meters are in 100 yards?

The graphic shows the steps and information necessary to easily convert yards to meters. Most people memorize a few conversions to get by. Almost nobody would know right off that 1 yard = 0.9144 meters. They know a yard is a little longer than a meter, but not much. The common length conversion people remember is 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters.

Step A states the problem. ?m in 100 yards.

Step B lists commonly known conversions between English and Metric units used in this example.

Step C lays out all the conversions and their respective units. Step D cancels out each unit from the top (numerator) and bottom (denominator) until the desired unit is reached. Each unit has been cancelled with its own color to show the progression of units. Step E lists the remaining numbers for easy calculation. Step F shows the final answer.

Answer: There are 91.44 meters in 100 yards.

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