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Chemistry Scavenger Hunt - Clues

Clues & Answers


One of the more popular chemistry assignments is a scavenger hunt, where students are asked to identify or bring in items that fit a description. Examples of scavenger hunt items are things like 'an element' or 'a heterogeneous mixture'. Are there additional items you would add to a scavenger hunt or that you have been asked to find for an assignment?

Chemistry Scavenger Hunt Clues

First, let's start with the clues. You can print this page out to start your own chemistry scavenger hunt or try to find the answers. These same clues plus answers are found on the next page, to not spoil the challenge.

  1. An element
  2. A heterogeneous mixture
  3. A homogenous mixture
  4. A gas-liquid solution
  5. A malleable substance
  6. A solid-liquid solution
  7. A substance which has a volume of 1 cm3
  8. An edible example of a physical change
  9. An edible example of a chemical change
  10. A pure compound which contains ionic bonds
  11. A pure compound which contains covalent bonds
  12. A mixture that can be separated by filtration
  13. A mixture that can be separated by some other method than filtration
  14. A substance with a density less than 1g/mL
  15. A substance with a density more than one
  16. A substance which contains a polyatomic ion
  17. An acid
  18. A metal
  19. A non-metal
  20. An inert gas
  21. An alkaline earth metal
  22. Immiscible liquids
  23. A toy which demonstrates a physical change
  24. The result of a chemical change
  25. A mole
  26. A substance with tetrahedral geometry
  27. A base with a pH greater than 9
  28. A polymer

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