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Mole Test Questions

Chemistry Test Questions


The mole is a standard SI unit used primarily by chemistry. This is a collection of ten chemistry test questions dealing with the mole. A periodic table will be useful to compete these questions. Answers appear after the final question.

1. Question 1

The mole is the traditional mascot for Mole Day.
Michael David Hill, Creative Commons License
How many moles of copper are in 6,000,000 atoms of copper?

2. Question 2

How many atoms are in 5 moles of silver?

3. Question 3

How many atoms of gold are in 1 gram of gold?

4. Question 4

How many moles of sulfur are in 53.7 grams of sulfur?

5. Question 5

How many grams is a sample containing 2.71 x 1024 atoms of iron?

6. Question 6

How many moles of lithium (Li) are in 1 mole of lithium hydride (LiH)?

7. Question 7

How many moles of oxygen (O) are in 1 mole of calcium carbonate (CaCO3)?

8. Question 8

How many atoms of hydrogen are in 1 mole of water (H20)?

9. Question 9

How many atoms of oxygen are in 2 moles of O2?

10. Question 10

How many moles of oxygen are in 2.71 x 1025 molecules of carbon dioxide (CO2)

11. Answers

1. 9.96 x 10-19 moles of copper
2. 3.01 x 1024 atoms of silver
3. 3.06 x 1021 atoms of gold
4. 1.67 moles of sulfur
5. 251.33 grams of iron.
6. 1 mole of lithium
7. 3 moles of oxygen
8. 1.20 x 1024 atoms of hydrogen
9. 2.41 x 1024 atoms of oxygen
10. 90 moles

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