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Chemical Weapons & Warfare Agents

Find information about the chemistry, history, dispersal, toxicity, countermeasures, and disposal of chemical warfare agents.

Chemical Weapons and Warfare Agents
Get basic information about chemical weapons and learn what you can do to protect yourself in the event of a chemical attack.

Chemical Weapons
See the chemical structures of chemical weapons and warfare agents and learn a little about their uses.

How Do Chemical Weapons Smell?
Do you think chemical weapons smell terrible? You might be surprised to learn many are odorless or smell pleasant.

Chemistry of Counterterrorism
Learn how chemistry is used in the war against terrorism. Topics include forensic science, sampling, detection, countermeasures, and use of dogs. There are links to centers specializing in counterterrorism and to government agencies.

Duck and Cover - Civil Defense Classic Film
Learn what schoolchildren were taught to do in the event of an atomic detonation. Here's your chance to view or download the 1951 Civil Defense classic, Duck and Cover. I've provided general information about the movie and a review.

Gas Masks and Gas Attacks
This is a collection of photographs of gas masks and gas attacks. The gas attack photographs are primarily from the first world war.

Red Mercury - Thoughts and Speculation
William Yerkes offers insight into red mercury, a material purportedly implicated in fusion-device research.

Ricin and RCA - Castor Bean Toxins
Learn about ricin and RCA, the two potent toxins from the castor bean plant. Information is provided about the action, symptoms, and treatment of ricin and RCA poisoning.

Tear Gas
Learn about what tear gas is and how it works.

Tear Gas Exposure
Learn what to expect if you encounter tear gas and take steps to minimize your exposure and speed your recovery.

What Is a Neutron Bomb?
Learn what a neutron bomb is, how it works, and about a neutron bomb's strategic uses.

What Is Red Mercury?
Is it a secret, wildly explosive compound used to make deuterium-tritium fusion bombs for use by terrorists? Maybe there's a more conventional explanation...

Chemical and Biological Weapons Threat Assessments
The FAS Intelligence Resource Program maintains this list of links and references for threat assessments of chemical and biological weapons use. Health aspects and terrorism are included.

Chemical Weapons Working Group
Contains descriptions of US stockpile sites by citizens living near the sites.

Gas Warfare
From a World War I history site by Mike Iavarone.

Plague War
Bio-weapons development in South Africa, the Soviet Union, and elsewhere. From PBS Online.

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