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Common Cations

Table or List of Common Cations


Cations are ions which have a positive charge. This is a table listing the name, formula and charge of common cations. Alternate names are given for some cations.

Table of Common Cations

Cation Name Formula Other Name
Aluminum Al3+
Ammonium NH4+
Barium Ba2+
Calcium Ca2+
Chromium(II) Cr2+ Chromous
Chromium(III) Cr3+ Chromic
Copper(I) Cu+ Cuprous
Copper(II) Cu2+ Cupric
Iron(II) Fe2+ Ferrous
Iron(III) Fe3+ Ferric
Hydrogen H+
Hydronium H3O+ Oxonium
Lead(II) Pb2+
Lithium Li+
Magnesium Mg2+
Manganese(II) Mn2+ Manganous
Manganese(III) Mn3+ Manganic
Mercury(I) Hg22+ Mercurous
Mercury(II) Hg2+ Mercuric
Nitronium NO2+
Potassium K+
Silver Ag+
Sodium Na+
Strontium Sr2+
Tin(II) Sn2+ Stannous
Tin(IV) Sn4+ Stannic
Zinc Zn2+

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