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Common Anions

Table Listing Common Anions


An anion is an ion which has a negative charge. This is a table listing common anions and their formulas.

Table of Common Anions

Simple Anions Formula
Hydride H-
Oxide O2-
Fluoride F-
Sulfide S2-
Chloride Cl-
Nitride N3-
Bromide Br-
Iodide I-
Oxoanions Formula
Arsenate AsO43-
Phosphate PO43-
Arsenite AsO33-
Hydrogen Phosphate HPO42-
Dihydrogen Phosphate H2PO4-
Sulfate SO42-
Nitrate NO3-
Hydrogen Sulfate HSO4-
Nitrite NO2-
Thiosulfate S2O32-
Sulfite SO32-
Perchlorate ClO4-
Iodate IO3-
Chlorate ClO3-
Bromate BrO3-
Chlorite ClO2-
Hypochlorite OCl-
Hypobromite OBr-
Carbonate CO32-
Chromate CrO42-
Hydrogen Carbonate or Bicarbonate HCO3-
Dichromate Cr2O72-
Anions from Organic Acids Formula
Acetate CH3COO-
Formate HCOO-
Other Anions Formula
Cyanide CN-
Amide NH2-
Cyanate OCN-
Peroxide O22-
Thiocyanate SCN-
Oxalate C2O42-
Hydroxide OH-
Permanganate MnO4-

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